1. Geocorp Jumper

    Should I Suggest a Crafting Overhaul?

    I had some thoughts over the past couple weeks that would improve fabrication in Terratech, which I started compiling together until it became so big as to warrant an overhaul. The devs hands are almost always full, so I'm kinda nervous about posting any of these ideas. That they're good ideas I...
  2. H

    [0.8.2] Hawkeye Large Armour Plate Fabricating

    Encountered an issue when attempting to craft an Hawkeye Large Armour Plate. Selecting it from the Hawkeye fabricator with two GSO Component Factories attached to the conveyor results in both factories requiring the materials needed if available from my silos, The second factory used for making...
  3. ZeroGravitas

    [] Refineries get overwhelmed by consecutive resources

    This is one of most frequently encounter bugs, with a mention in the "Known Major Issues" section of the patch notes for many months. From the patch notes on Steam: Refineries attached to the side of a continuous stretch of conveyor will only take 5 chunks consecutively, before pausing...