1. HeX

    [] New EXP block glitch(es)

    The plasma jaws continue making plasma sounds after stopping use and only goes away after removal of block HE DFA Mortar inventory preview has been broken (pic related) Large Tow hook still crashes game when connected together
  2. HeX

    Do something...

  3. E

    EXP terminal

    when you have maxed XP on all other licences you also get access to the EXP terminal, which allows you to buy all of the EXP items you want, still not a scrapper or a fabricator, but the terminal will remain in the EXP tab forever, because it is not EXP but it is the terminal for that tab.
  4. K

    Need help

    I have been playing terra tech like 2 years and I have a problem, maybe not a big problem but still I need help I want to discover new blocks but I dont find any I have connected to twitter but nope no new blocks. I mostly wanna find the experimental blocks (like the blade and the radar mostly)...