1. HeX

    [] HE Paladin Bomb

    The HE Paladin Bomb is still displayed in R&D mode as an experimental block.
  2. K

    missing blocks?

    is it right that in multiplayer Co-Op you miss some blocks like the black hole thing for innventory and the things like a mining pump and a few other blocks. also what i personaly realy miss is in co op are the EXP items my friends and i all have the R&D pack but in co-op we miss all...
  3. HeX

    2 Many Sticky Bombs []

  4. F

    The EXP Dynamo Generator has been broken for almost three years. We need it for anti-gravity techs

    On February 29, 2016, the EXP Dynamo Generator was put in the game with version 0.5.22. It had no functionality but was intended to produce battery power based on how fast you move. It's been stuck in limbo ever since, just sitting around and taking up space. You can't even scrap it for...
  5. Legionite

    [TT_Unstable] Where the new R&D blocks should be

    So I have heard hints from others mentioning that some of the new R&D blocks in the game have been mentioned/hinted to be in certain corporations, but some of them seem out of place... So I heard from someone that the Big Top Prop is supposedly going to Venture. This doesn't seem that fitting...
  6. Marxon

    Making Multitech Linkages Viable

    So these ideas came to me while trying to make a multitech that can be successfully snapshotted. I was trying to use explosive bolts and the various links but kept running into the same issue... All tech linkage parts cannot auto connect due to overlapping hitboxes. So I have come up with...
  7. S

    EXP Platform/Ramps bug

    This is very block specific, but any of the platform or ramp blocks make some movement pieces not function. The Hawkeye Big Daddy wheel immediately locks up when on any of the platform or ramp pieces, I have tested other movement types with little issue but the Big Daddy wheel is one that...
  8. StyngerKyd

    [] What happened to EXP? {Feedback}

    I don't really like the new look of the EXP icon. Before it looked like its own thing, with no connection to any other corporation. No other corporation used grey, or had a circular logo. But now, with the new yellow and black color scheme, it just looks like a subsidiary of Geocorp. I don't...
  9. nikitaign GEO Corp Delivery Cannon Is Too Big

    Hello. I was looking at new stuff, and I saw a Huuuge gso delivery cannon. So I tested it out. GEO D C: Sell speed - 1 second, Size - 4x4. GSO D C: Sell speed - 1 second, Size - 2x2. So that means that there's no point to buy GEO Corp D C. It's just for better looking.. BTW New EXP Plasma...
  10. nikitaign

    Most useless and expensive thing

    Hey. I was looking for something to buy in the trading station, and I see a Dynamo Generator.It costs 25 000 BB. I had this thing and tested it, but doesnt work. If you will meet this EXP thing then please dont buy it, till devs will release a working version.
  11. The Grand Teki

    EXP blocks' possible corporations if they're added based on corp-specific mission rewards

    Straight to the topic: GSO: Fuel and Electricity Gauge; Small Tow Hook and Ring; Trailer Wheels; Dropper and Pacemaker. GeoCorp: Monster and Titan wheels; Resource Radar; medium and big trailer hooks and rings (except type 2); Articulater Drill, Straight Jackhammer and Angled Plasma Cutter...
  12. GSO_One_Block

    EXP Blocks

    I have been messing around in Creative mode and I found the new Geocorp tech building wheels, the EXP Titan wheels, I loved the idea of wheels bigger than the Geocorp Big-Boy Wheels because most techs use them because of their humongous size, 6 x 6 x 6. I was surprised that there were wheels...
  13. Lord Zarnox

    EXP Treads speed bug?

    With the EXP GeoCorp treads, if you hold W, you will go about 24 mph, but it starts out with a short boost reaching about 60 - 70 mph. So I thought "If it boosts whenever you first press W, what happens if I continuously tap W?" Turns out that if you tap the key rather than holding it, you can...
  14. K

    Need help

    I have been playing terra tech like 2 years and I have a problem, maybe not a big problem but still I need help I want to discover new blocks but I dont find any I have connected to twitter but nope no new blocks. I mostly wanna find the experimental blocks (like the blade and the radar mostly)...
  15. spineless

    classic aircraft

    I present to you the Write brothers airplane its well balanced for low speed flight