1. General Douglas

    The Broken MegaReactor Battery: Balance Issues and Changes

    Everyone knows the GeoCorp MegaReactor battery is quite powerful, however there are several concerns I have concerning balance due to the fact that I believe this block might be a little (a lot) on the OP side. My ship entry for the Naval Warfare Challenge; the HMSF Indefagitable, serves a bit...
  2. Lord Zarnox

    Better Future Battery and Fuel Cell

    I'd like it if the Better Future batteries had a slight amount of passive energy generation. The observed effect of this would be like multiplying the battery life by a small amount, rather than just adding to it. In fact, they could probably have two blocks: A battery that simply stores a fair...
  3. A

    Energy Beam Turret

    There are a lot of laser guns but none of them shoot continuously so i thought it would be nice to have one. I based it on the HG1, the rail gun, and the Zeus laser. A suggestion for the description: "An laser turret that will shoot a continuous beam of energy at the enemy, it has to be aimed...

    Quite the read... Trynnun's Supposition of Suggestions.

    I’m going to start with two suggestions I know you all have seen before plenty of times, but with me weighing in on them and why I think they are a good idea. So first up is a real hard one… Multiplayer (Co-op) Campaign* - I know that it’s most likely do to it being heavily resource...
  5. reaperx1

    Anti-Block Bubble Plow

    Now what I mean by the title is that this would be a bubble that would be able to push blocks across the ground like the plows, but without missing any due to dips in the terrain and it would keep them from getting stuck underneath your tech or being pulled up in the way of your weapons. I...
  6. Lord Zarnox

    Repair Bubbles healing everyone

    Regardless of which tech it is on, the repair bubbles will heal any block within their radius, which is quite annoying because that can be just enough to make it nearly impossible to kill an enemy that is always trying to hug you. It wastes battery power and makes managing you AI techs...
  7. PixelTechMaker

    Solar Generator or something, Help

    The thing you get at the start of the game the Solar Generator or something like that, how do I make it work while it is attached to my tech?