end game

  1. Sokolov

    End-game weapon - Orbital Cannon

    A Hawkeye lvl 5 block vs the dimensions of 5x5x5(not final). The block functions as an assembler/conrol center. First, you have to build the satellite - which would require a lot of rare components(from Seed AIs to Gluon beams) as well as some more usual ones. Then, after the launch you can...
  2. S

    Summit your END GAME BOSS tech for the campaign.

    Hey guys i wand to start a thread (yes this one) where you can submit a end boss for the campaign. And how nows the defs might use them ;) I'm thinking about two types right now. 1:techs made out of one kind of corporation (gso, geo esc) 2:mix techs that use everything. Ill make a list in...