1. WhitePaw2002

    TerraTech Mod Manager

    TerraTech Mod Manager GTK TTMM-GTK, a recreation of TTMM2, which was originally a recreation of TTMM1. This is cross-platform! This will need the Mono runtime frameworks. You can get that for your system here: Mono download site (For Windows operating systems, that would be GTK# for .NET) This...
  2. WhitePaw2002

    [OUTDATED] The TerraTech MOD Manager!

    Font provided by Sylver TTMM This version of TTMM is no longer available For newer versions, please look here: TTMM 2
  3. Exund

    TT Logo Font/Alphabet

    Hello guys! I worked on this for days but now its finished! so i proudly present you my TerraTech Logo Font! I made this by using the original TerraTech Logo and I handmade the rest of the letters. All of the symbols are 37x37 px (also included a text background if you want to make your own TT...