1. A

    Block Ideas #1

    Hovering Anchor An anchor that will keep your hover crafts in one place. When you anchor with this it will send down what looks like a mini build beam and it will anchor a hovering tech wherever it is at. I'm thinking it may look like a small Geo Corp mining laser. Transport Cannon A gigantic...
  2. jnj01

    Working ramp/door

    At the current state of the game we don't have any doors or ramps which can be used on mobile techs, but using gyros and trailer connections you can make a very simple ramp or a door if you want, which can be closed and opened by detaching and attaching one of the cabs. I know doors like these...
  3. jnj01

    Doors, ramps and "roadblocks"

    You know the GeoCorp scoops? I often use them as doors for techs to have other techs inside, but they are not very efficient. Could you make something like those scoops just as GSO, and replace the scoop itself with a door? I've heard something about "roadblocks" or something allowing techs to...