1. Skyward Saint

    Hawkeye "Vulcan" Heavy-Duty Gatling Mortar

    First post here, so might as well make it memorable. I love TerraTech, and I love the over-the-top, brain-melting powertrips you can go on in the fights in this game. Big Bertha was the best mortar addition, but I came up with an even better upgrade, and I propose... THE MOTHER-F%#@ING VULCAN...
  2. S

    The Best Terra Tech Helicopters Ever Made.

    I kid you not I still cant believe how well this flies, even thought its the size of a decent GeoCorp Tech. It took almost 17 small scales and 3 large scales to figure out center of mass, and how to best control it, and I have to say the results are spectacular. I'm sorry for the rough video but...