delivery cannon

  1. Galrex

    [0.8.2] Resource selling exploit

    "The resource chunk can be picked up repeatedly as it drops through the base of delivery cannon whilst it got taken into the cannon. Money is collected but the chunk is still here. More money can be received without any loss of resources whilst repeating the process." The silo in the video is...
  2. nikitaign GEO Corp Delivery Cannon Is Too Big

    Hello. I was looking at new stuff, and I saw a Huuuge gso delivery cannon. So I tested it out. GEO D C: Sell speed - 1 second, Size - 4x4. GSO D C: Sell speed - 1 second, Size - 2x2. So that means that there's no point to buy GEO Corp D C. It's just for better looking.. BTW New EXP Plasma...
  3. diamondnife

    Anchors and stuff

    What logical reason explains why the solar generators and anchored SCU have to be anchored in order to work. Same goes for large delivery cannon and normal furnace generator. And no I do NOT want answers about it being for game balancing purposes.
  4. ilikegoodfood

    Venture Portable Delivery Cannon

    Extremely slow delivery cannon setup and pack up. Resources are fired at extremely low speeds and often fall back to the world, before teleporting out of existence and selling.
  5. M

    0.5.19 Static delivery cannon does damage

    It does some damage so it says warning you anchored blocks are under attack all the time its so anoying.