1. Faffywaffy

    Multiplayer Suggestion - Team Battle

    Greetings to developers and players alike. I've thoroughly enjoyed playing Terratech thus far, but the biggest thing missing from the game (in my opinion) is a good PVP gamemode. Deathmatch is fun the first couple of times, but having to build your techs on the fly is pretty stressful and...
  2. Ninjin_Ninja

    newish concept for the multiplayer deathmatch

    have a shop instead of crates, and a starting allowance for everyone, when they get kills they get money for it and they can try to buy better gear, this allows people to create the kinda creations they want instead of trying to survive with random crates XD (if someone has many expensive things...
  3. MrTwister

    Team Battle - Multiplayer development suggestion

    Hi devs! I have a suggestion how to expand our deathmatch multiplayer. One of the modes that would be really great to see is multiplayer Team Battle: - Teams spawn in opposite corners outside of range (at least twice the draw distance) on a medium to large size map. (developing a good pool of...