1. HeX

    TerraTech Block List and Info

    This block list and info file contains recipes, ids (for @WhitePaw2002 's SPCheats mod), health, gun data, damage data, armor values, etc. Stable: 1.4.8 Unstable:
  2. MrTwister

    [] Suspension damage from driving

    Since one of the 0.8.x.x patches suspensions on many wheels are now receiving damage from simply slightly rough driving. Seemingly the damage comes from suspension parts colliding with itself. Example: Titan wheel. This is not the damage coming from collision with terrain/objects, only the...
  3. R

    Block Detachment by Damage

    1.---I have some problems when choosing the chassis block for my battle tech , venture chassis allows the use of faster wheels , GSO chassis is cheap and reliable , while Hawkeye is robust but will nullify the use of thrusters . Then I have found this spreadsheet and found that anchored blocks...

    Development Design Questions about Tech causing and recieving damage

    So in previous major builds I've done, I always follow some simple core rules that are always priority first; 1) Maximize connection points for toughness: Creating a lot of Redundancies so when met with a high damage percentage (loss of body), the tech will still be able to perform and operate...
  5. D

    Melee to damage shields?

    The entire idea that the shields push techs away makes melee ineffective or impossible; however, a way around would be that the melee weapons could damage the shield enough to drain batteries faster; or something of that effect. Something to let melee become a viable option again.
  6. Blobord

    Attack boost bubbles

    I have an idea for a new block, an attack boost bubble. Basically it makes your weapons stronger by 2 (or something like that) It works like a repair bubble but instead of repairing bubbles, it increases the damage output of the blocks or weapons in that area. In order to make it much fairer it...