1. 11er33

    Set key commands for blocks

    Imagine this, you're making a helicopter and you can go up and down, but you can't turn (efficiently with hover controls). Solution: make it so we can set what keys would activate a component. You could place a hawkeye fan rotor on the back and set forward to [D] and backward to [A] to turn the...
  2. I

    Customization Menu

    Hey! This is my first ever suggestion on this forum, and I hope it will be added to the game! My idea is that users can unlock a new "Customizer" block at GSO Rank 3. In this menu, you can send techs to a personal Multidimensional Storage system, and respawn them near you anytime. You can also...
  3. M

    Would there be any Mech Legs at all later on?

    Just getting really tired of using wheels all the time, and if so could it be like a customizable system? just to have different kinds of legs that we can use and create rather than waiting for Pre-built ones to come out. Because I wanna build like a huge AT-AT kind of walker to do both combat...
  4. W

    Modular cannons.

    I just want to say i would really like to see some sort of multi-part cannon creation system. I feel like this would make the really big techs more diverse and the game overall more fun. I don't know if this feature is planned or anything but i just wanted to leave my idea here.