1. Legionite

    TAC Pack Mod Forums [0.3.3_F] for Latest Version

    TAC "Corp" Summary: TAC is all for high-quality Techs. This means high speeds, outstanding armor, and effective weapons at small scales and unreasonable costs. There will be no intimidation from TAC Techs, but there sure will be underestimation. It is advised you combine TAC blocks with other...
  2. HeX

    Definitive ID Claiming System

    I have created a google spreadsheet containing ID claims. If anyone wishes to claim IDs for custom blocks, please message me through the forums or on discord (HeX#3692). This post will be updated alongside any new ID claims made. Claims now have Custom Corp ID Claims for the future custom corps...
  3. J

    Customisable Campaign

    I'd like a way to make my playthrough a bit more customisable, sugestions: -Choose certain licenses for the whole game: this would make players unableable to craft/buy the blocks from the other factions, while still finding the faction techs and using the blocks you get by killing them...