custom corp

  1. isqltychips

    IEC - Independent Earthen Colonies (Custom Corp)

    Hello there! This is my second custom corp, first being HS (Hyperion Systems). I wanted to have a fun little side project to HS, so I decided to make a secondary corp, that being IEC. I will be releasing some basic blocks shortly after this gets posted. So here is a brief rundown of IEC: They...
  2. Skihiley

    NOVA Whiteboarding/Ideas Thread

    Post your comments n' stuff about my "custom corp" here.
  3. Skihiley

    NOVA Corporation Techs

    Hi! Im @Skihiley, and this is where i'll be posting techs for my "custom corporation", NOVA. NOVA corporation is a league of elite space assasins intent on utilizing the latest technology the creat supirior crafts. Also, all techs will have repair bubbles and shields. I'll be using @retrogue's...
  4. Enderjed

    Memphis Lore and Concept Art

    Lore Is still pending as of posting this, so concept art of the blocks and parts will dominate this thread mostly also here is the trello incase you want to see progress on the blocks:
  5. Green Theem

    Myconite Corps (Mycon) Lore and Concept Art

    ALL ROGUE BOTANISTS WELCOME The Mycon Corp is a faction of GreenTech outcasts banished for performing suspicious experiments, launching an attack during one GreenTech’s unveiling of new weapon technology, and for destroying laboratories during said attack. Years past the Rift catastrophe...
  6. Seth_Seth

    Seth's blocks but it features DarkLight

    Thread for me blocks, mainly for DarkLight which goes by the following underneath, this used to be purely for DL but now i'm making not DL stuff so uh yeah here's the DL stuff you actually came here for. DarkLight is a futuristic space pirate corp thing, in a nutshell they tend to steal...