1. Chrii_the_Vieh

    The Dragon's Hangar - Home of Chrii's brilliant creations

    Hi fellow TerraTechnicians, this thread is meant to hold my most notable, weirdest and most creative techs. As I am most fascinated by flying techs and love dragons, the name was easy to find. It is also the base for finding my treasured techs anytime and a platform to get your feedback on my...
  2. matik2002

    Silly & Tricky Techs - Creative bases, border expanding Techs etc.

    Hello everybody! You had to encounter some Techs or built some which have a propulsion other than wheels, hover or thrusters, built some bases with an original conveyor design and configuration. Post pictures of Techs which had very original ideas for many things, i.e. Weapons are boosters...