1. butasan1011

    Tech keeps getting stolen by kicking people in coop creative

    when you leave a coop creative server, or when you get kicked out of the server,your tech that you were riding in stays in the server.Because of that my tech keeps getting stolen and now i am afraid to deploy my best techs. some time before there wasnt this problem and when I leave the server...
  2. Shidoni

    Time of Day Settings in R&D and Creative and R&D Teleporter Menu.

    Haven't existed on the forums for awhile, oh well... Time of Day Settings. Being able to control the time of day (in R&D and Creative only of course) would be a very nice quality of life feature to have in my opinion. This could work by having a slider in the menu under Gameplay, or even a...
  3. stickman_king_28


    (in case you havent seen it click HERE) *ali-a intro faintly plays* SKY ANCHORS!! CO OP CREATIVE! CAMPAIGN INVOLVEMENT! AAAAAAAAA
  4. ZeroGravitas

    [] Feedback - New Creative mode starting techs

    OK, so these are an interesting addition. Giving new players a jumping-off point is a nice idea to spur inspiration. (Was this related to your mega-tech project at all @Zeena?) The obvious thing I'll point out is that their novelty will wear off almost immediately for experienced players, so...
  5. salt

    [] Red mulitplayer line appearing in single player

    After playing multiplayer I made a new creative save, and these lines appeared. The save should be attached.
  6. FightBiscuit

    [0.7.8] Short freezes every 2 seconds {with broken enemy spawning in Creative}

    When testing my Tech from last CC in Sandbox mode everything was fine at first. As soon as I enabled enemy Techs, I had short Freezes every 2 Seconds and no enemies spawned in even after waiting a few minutes. Here's the Tech: It happens btw also in the current unstable ( I think...
  7. ZeroGravitas

    [] Creative death re-spawn causes intersecting techs (+ related issues)

    As shown in video, the re-spawn system unique to Creative mode can cause problems if you've left a tech at the (0,0) world origin, when your tech is destroyed and re-spawned there, complete. I killed myself there, but in Creative with enemies enabled this is more likely to crop up. Also, if the...
  8. ZeroGravitas

    [] Bug - Tree re-grew through large base tech.

    A pretty minor bug. Happened in creative. I watched as a tree re-grow through the corner of this test base (then it's buddy behind it re-grew straight after). Didn't break anything. I'd had a different base there for a while, then built this one in it's place. LOG file attached (geddit...?)...
  9. Zed Creative Mode Bug Report Crash.

    While attempting to go through snapshots ingame with unstable the second tech I loaded within a salt flat biome prompted an internal bug reporter crash. Steps Taken: Opened creative mode fired gun on GSO cab to leave build beam loaded the Venture Ornithopter mk4 Swapped to...
  10. ZeroGravitas

    [] Bug - (Virtually) no enemies in Creative mode (with spawns enabled).

    On 2 repetitions of loading a new creative mode, with enemy spawns enabled, I saw only 2 enemy techs, near to the spawn point, and then 1, or none in 10 minutes or so of wandering about. This the same for other people? Was it working in I don't think I properly tested it out there. How...
  11. Zed

    [0.7.6] Enemy in Creative Mode

    While I recall this being mentioned before I could not locate the thread so I will post this as a new thread. As the title implies, In creative mode I located an enemy near the starting location;initial encounter savegame file / log is attached below with the .zip representing slightly further...
  12. M

    Unbreakeble mode in creative

    Well I think it would be great if you could turn on and off tech damage in creative so that you can test you tech without be worried to break it.
  13. GermanLeagueGaming

    Creative commands

    Adding commands like /fly; /time (day/night); /summon tech [TECHNAME]; /tech (ally/enemy) [TECHNAME]; /kill [TECHNAME]; /creative; /survival; /infiniteblocks; /fastdestroy (Destroys everything you click); /summon (RESOURCENAME); /tp COORDINATES. Have fun, GLG
  14. 508droid Lol

    508droids Playground

    This thread is basically the same as ReaperX1's thread "Reapers Playground" but it's where I post random stuff :P Me and Dellamorte made a save file that grants you Unlimited money, A starter pew pew (two miniguns on a venture lil buggy) and Maximum levels for all corps! (GSO, GC, VEN, HE)...