1. Cupholder

    Nom Nom's Experimental Techs

    What this thread is about: I want to show and let others experience both techs I've taken a liking to, and techs that operate strangely. You can expect to see quite a few unofficially modded techs and some completely vanilla (I will indicate which). I give credit to another player, WARMIND...
  2. maritaria

    EULA Questions and criticisms

    After reading and attempting to understand the EULA I have the following issues/questions. 4.4 It is not specified how permissions for modding are granted and documented, may be related to 6.8. 4.6 The section does not limit "any work you create" to work related to the roles specified above...
  3. GermanLeagueGaming

    GLG's Garage

    This is my Garage. Here i will post my favorite and newest techs. Have fun and feel free to give some feedback ;)


    Used for showcasing awesome techs and creations made or modified or adaped by THE ALPHA. :) And other cool techs and things