1. ExileFox

    [1.0] Crate spawned underground - also trading station in funny location

    This was discovered during the "Abandoned Tools" quest: save, if needed:
  2. TheSpaceMan

    [] Crate wont open.

    This crate won't open. I have gone away a bit, but it doesn't open, but the game says that the mission is completed. Its strange, savefile attached.

    * MULTIPLAYER SUGGESTION : Engines with wings.

    YOP * I Like so much to recieve wings and airplane parts in Multiplayer. * Nice thing to have left and right parts when there are symmetrical blocks. * Unfortunately I've never been able to build one because I never recieved any engine/propeller. SUGGESTION : * At least one engine/propeller...
  4. The Grand Teki

    [Multiplayer] Crates to gift parts to other players

    How it'd work for the sending people: The crates should have a 20 block capacity, and a cooldown of 2 hours for each player (you can send @Chrii_the_Vieh and @reaperx1 a crate at the same time, but you have to wait 2 hours to send them another one). It'd have a new icon alongside the SCU and the...