1. K

    cant use multiplayer

    From 3 different PC's using the same Steam account I tried to play multiplayer, and yet EVERY time somebody tries to connect to me or I try to connect to them, their game AND steam crash and I get a disconnect. what I tried: Different PC's Different internet access points Turning OFF firewall on...
  2. C

    CONSOLE TT Crashing

    I've found a way to reproduce the Crash, I'll explain how i did it, I painted Geo-Corp Blocks then as soon as i clicked B to exit the paint menu i clicked X to open the Building menu = Crashed happened twice in a row so far,
  3. F

    [] Constantly corrupted save games

    Hello, Al my saves (campaign mode, all of them) seems to get corrupted more or less randomly with this build: old ones, new ones, etc. Corruption can occure after a few minutes of game play or after a few hours. Once it occures, the same game will crash rapidely. This occures on two different...
  4. Geocorp Jumper

    Has anybody run Into this game-crashing tech?

    I wish I had a screenshot of it or at least the name of the tech, but I recall an encounter some time ago with a tech that split into at least a dozen other smaller techs. I only just now thought to post about it. It’s a cool concept, don’t get me wrong, but when I ran into it the frame rate...
  5. jolo_

    game crashes by destroying the powercore tech in lazar labs theres a picture of the bug i already tried destroying it with every weapon but it never works i tried it 50 times it crashed 50 times if u destroy it u crash i hope this gets fixed soon
  6. J

    Game crashes when choosing multiplayer

    As the title says, as soon as i click on multiplayer and then accept the normal message that terratech doesnt have a profanity filter it just displays this crash report screen and as soon as i either upload it or skip it the game closes, i have no idea what causes this and it seems to be after...
  7. reaperx1

    Block Removal Bug

    I have seen this bug for a long time now and it is probably been reported a hundred times, but here is another reminder. The bug is one that seems to happen to random blocks when building large techs and when you try to remove the lucky block that gets the bug the game crashes as seen in the...
  8. n2galactic

    [1.0][PS4] Save Deletion

    That's twice now the entire game data (All world saves, all snapshots, all gauntlet records ...) has been completely erased. The first time, I had just finished a mission and was collecting the loot when the game crashed. I restarted it to find that everything (see above) was gone. Since I...
  9. 11er33

    [0.8.1] Freezes then closes without crash report

    Just what it says in the title. In the middle of doing anything (It happens at random, different time, place, and action) the game will freeze, with the music still playing in the background. After a little clicking and button mashing the game will come back under control for a few seconds then...
  10. Zorgomol

    [] Crash: GetThreadContext() failed

    I was just minding my mobile base when this popped up. Latest autosave + crash report + output log attached. Looking at the log, seems like it was trying to do the next autosave and something got borked.
  11. Zed

    0793 crashes / playthrough

    During a recent speed run of Terratech 0793 the program crashed repeatedly yet did not generate any crash folders as far as I am aware (checked in steam app folder , mygames document area, and user / local low areas.) Thankfully, a video record of Each and Every crash is available @...
  12. ZeroGravitas

    [] Fabricated blocks get stuck inside Fabricator (sometimes crashes game)

    @kae, etc, please see this steam thread: It seems like blocks have more difficulty exiting Fabricators, currently. Or are spawned deeper inside of them than previously.
  13. LumberHat

    Game Crashes When Approaching Base

    My save is somewhat late-game, so I'd rather not have to restart my game. I have had issues with techs duplicating before, so I think it may have something to do with that. I unfortunately have no backups, which is a huge mistake by itself. If anyone can explain how to fix this, or do it through...
  14. ZeroGravitas

    [] Crash - clicking link to a Twitch stream

    I had the internal bug reporter pop up both all 3 times I've tried this (then game force closed). Send both times. Expanding to the thumbnail(s) was fine, but clicking that to open the stream crashed the game. Game log attached (I think - I had to fish it out from...
  15. ZeroGravitas

    [0.7.9] Repeated crashes seemingly resolved by full re-install

    So, I've been posting up ongoing crashes, while tabbed out, to this thread here. Wondering if the seemingly random instability is a game thing (probably), or a my computer thing (less likely, as not generally unstable, but I do have the RAM at a fairly high overclock). But yesterday, I was...
  16. ZeroGravitas

    [] Crash - anchored tech intersection (via rotational leverage or solar panels)

    So, this was a fairly inevitable consequence of allowing rotating anchored techs to collide with other anchored techs (I just didn't get around to breaking it in Crash dump attached - you know what it will say from other, similar reports. Yes, I caused this deliberately. But I...
  17. reaperx1

    Crashing Reports

    Hello! As some may know I have been working on a spaceship for a little bit now, but what some may not know is that is has been crashing like crazy. Especially when trying to use the new explosive bolts to disconnect the parts while flying. There were many times in the last update that I saw...
  18. ZeroGravitas

    [] Crash - "Invalid memory pointer" (big build in R&D)

    Just had the game lock up with dump folder created (Zip attached). Quoted most relevant seeming line of Output log in title. Save also attached. Fairly high-end PC, etc. You guys know what I'm up to: I'll move this post to the crash reports thread, if you'd prefer, @Adriano. (And others like...
  19. S

    Version (0.7.8) Continues Crashing by freezing

    Hi Devs. My game constantly crash. It is mostly when i'm building, but sometimes also happen when I do absolutely anything. I'm playing on Campaign but also happens when I play all other modes. When I't crashes the screen freezes but I can still move my mouse when I hover over my tech with...
  20. ZeroGravitas

    [] Crash - While tabbed out of Campaign.

    Dump was created. Attached Zip file. Autosave from just before attached, too. I was just parked at base, in my old campaign save. I could still hover the TerraTech window to see what state things were in (shown below): I've no idea if this is note worthy, because I've had the game randomly...