crafty mike

  1. J

    Crafty Business II soft lock bug still around

    Was really hoping this bug had been fixed, but as of the latest version it is still around. When I find Crafty Mike and attach the GSO Fabricator to the end of the conveyor, and when I click open the GUI I can't click anything, can't open menus, nothing. I was forced to close my Terra Tech by...
  2. Zorgomol

    [0.8.1] Mission oddities that feel like bugs (capture base, craftier biz 3)

    Not specifying version with these since I think they have been around for a good long time. 1) Every 'capture enemy base' mission: the mission is declared complete and base changes ownership even when there's still an enemy puttering around that spawned in the mission group. Then you need to...
  3. StyngerKyd


    i think i took this from somewhere because i dont remember doing this but i found crafty mike's head so here you go, do what you want (i recommend giving him a mech body because that would be cool) EDIT: so it turns out this head was from another thread on this forum, as such i will link it here...
  4. GamerParrish

    [] - Trapping crafty mike

    You can trap crafty mike by putting blocks above him, then completing the mission. Then he will despawn before your eyes! Weird right? Anyway HOW TO RECREATE 1. Get into ANY crafty mike mission 2. Build an enclose around him (MAKE SURE IT HAS A ROOF!) 3. Finish the mission 4. Watch as he...
  5. GamerParrish

    [] - Crafty Mike Mission Dialouge

    When you reach Craftier Business 2, Crafty Mike says after you scrap the GSO block, "This way gives you way more money then trading stations give for blocks!" Even though, they removed the ability to sell blocks at trading stations... HOW TO RECREATE 1. Get to craftier business 2 2. Do all...
  6. ZeroGravitas

    [] Crafty Business III borked adding collector (Lathland video).

    I recalled some Crafty Mike mission problems reports, but couldn't find one specific to this. I'm also not sure if Lathland is running the latest unstable (which would mean, if recorded on the day of video publishing) or if he's stuck with, as stated in the video title. So...
  7. GSO_One_Block

    Crafty Mike game breaking bug

    This bug corrupts your entire game, making it impossible to complete any crafty mike missions after you have gotten to rank 3 in GSO. When the ending dialogue of the mission starts you can pick up the base that he has put down, into your inventory after the release of update 0.7.6. This causes...
  8. PeasOfMind

    [Solved] Crafty Mike IV, Can't Find Oliete Seam

    Hello, I can't seam (haha) to find the Oliete seam on this mission. When I arrived at Mike for this part of the Crafty Mike quest line Mike was surrounded by rocks. I broke all nearby rocks down and cannot find the Oliete seam. I tried to see if I hadn't fully destroyed any of the rocks by...
  9. T

    [BUG] Crafty Mike Stuck at Filter

    Hello dear devs, This is the second time i have this and its really frustrating i got sudge a good start. I'm at crafty mike when he's explaining the filter and going to give me the generator. But then when i want to put the Log ( wood) in the filter to only make the filter accept wood. Crafty...
  10. peterb39

    Interesting Crafty Mike Bug

    So I was just finishing the Craftier Business mission, and being impatient I put the base into the SCU before the mission had completely ended. The result was Crafty Mike, instead of spontaneously soaring off into the sky, just stared ominously at me, saying nothing. Saving and reloading does...
  11. Zed

    Carbite Too Rare

    As the Title implies, Carbite is simply too rare for its BB Value / Versatility within the Terratech Environment. To me, it would make sense if Carbite could also spawn in the mountain Biomes along with its current home of the sometimes difficult to find Salt Flats. (Given the new terrain...
  12. Bgrmystr2

    Rock bug after Crafty Mike mission

    One of the Crafty Mike missions, I'm not sure which number, requires you to break rocks nearby. Mine ended up spawning in the desert, so with a few rock breaks, I realized the rock sparkled. Durr. After completing this and moving onward, I had been experiencing major freezing, to the point where...
  13. The Grand Teki

    C. Mike's son and evil twin here!

    As promised, C. M.'s son, C. Daniel: C. M.'s evil twin, C. Manuel: Thumbnails:
  14. Nocallia

    Crafty Mike Attack Mission

    With the new update, there are now AI Assult Missions. So here is a suggestion: Have the same thing, but have some missions be Crafty Mike being attacked. He would also have a crafting base with him. Once you beat the enemies, Crafty Mike will thank you, and you would get a crate like usual...
  15. Nocallia

    [] Crafty Mike is Too Awesome for Me

    Crafty Mike can Fly. He is now Awesome. -Baconus
  16. dreamkeeper

    [0.7.2] Crafty business III

    Hello when i go to Mike for crafty business III i dont get any message at all and it only have a filter at the floor. I place the filter and i cant remove it. The quest cant be completed . It is a fresh start. I started 4 times and tried to do this quest but every time i have the same issue (no...