1. Arkion_

    Crafting bug | Item progress display broken

    ( I'm sorry! I know crafting bugs are super common, but i figured this caused me some big resource losses and clogged my machines, aaaand i already had my bug report up, so i ended up reporting this. ) I don't know much about this bug or how to recreate it but i will do my best to create a list...
  2. NeonGreenShades

    Resource and Crafting Rework : Resource Container and RMFI

    Manufacturing block's rework is long overdue. Even after the introduction of components, it did not solve a lot of the core design problem of how resource and crafting works. With Payload asking the community for suggestions on crafting, I'm proposing a rework concept to make resource and...
  3. S

    Change Right Click Functions!

    The Right Click Button is used to both pan the camera, move focus block while in the Build Beam, and change conveyor direction. Although the first two cause little issue, that last one has caused many a confused and frustrated faces. I have been through dozens of instances where I’m trying to...
  4. G

    Building tools are a thing i feel this game desperately needs.

    After 1400+ hours of gameplay, it's a thought i keep coming back to. Core functionality Drag repeat - Horizontal, Vertical, Freehand, Mirrored in X/Y/Z, Radial. Copy/Paste of selected area, Repeat paste of selected parts as above. 'Stitching of parts and techs so that you can move a selection...
  5. A Friendly Tech

    Another Crafty Mike Mission

    Add one more Crafty Mike mission to explain component dongles. As it is, when he's leaving for the last time, he drops the advanced dongle with no explanation of what it is or how it can be used. Because of this, I had no idea that one-click crafting of multiple tiers of components via multiple...
  6. A Friendly Tech

    This game doesn't want me to craft.

    Somehow I had managed to not actually watch your TerraTech videos. Whichever video it was, I saw crafting, construction, and shooty shooty and ran off to Steam, frantically throwing money at Payload, then forgot to come back and finish watching the videos. That is rectified now and I learned a...
  7. cipher

    Crafting/Resources Chart

    TerraTech-Reference-Chart version 1.1 Component Recipes Component Sell Prices Resource Location Chart Resource Sell Prices Steam Achievements List Whenever I really get into a new game I usually create a background image for myself to display on a second monitor. I add information I'd often...
  8. ZeroGravitas

    [Poll] Next main developement priority should be...?

    So, I'm not asking what you are most hyped for. More pragmatically, what would make the most sense for the dev team to focus on next, from a business standpoint, and for the player base, overall. Perhaps imagining new player's experience of the game, as well as your own. I've deliberately kept...
  9. IBallistic Cheese

    Silo Crafting Resource Bug {Refinery allocation alternation causes silo dither}

    Please don't get mixed up with my previous post on silos. This time the focus is on resource delivery not signal transition to the silos. So this problem is... when I try to craft a block (e.g. Compressed resource blocks) the fabricator will call for multiple resources. The first few blocks...
  10. ZeroGravitas

    [] Crafting AI stalls mid Fabrication (with bases borderline too 'big')

    By 'big' I mean in terms of conveyor length and total number of Component Factories/Refineries on that length. At a certain point (not that many/long) the Silos far upstream no longer receive control signals from Fabricators, at the opposite end. A limit to the complexity of crafting setups is...
  11. ZeroGravitas

    [0.8.2] Filter outputs don't connect to adjacent crafting block inputs

    Filters will refuse to pass their contents out to the input of adjacent Anchored Delivery Canons, Anchored Refineries, Component Factories, Fabricators or Furnace Generators if the two blocks were connected while the tech was unanchored. Bonus - delivery canons that shut up shop with resources...
  12. ifnotthe2nd

    Variances in Crafting by Corporation

    Remove: The Pacemaker Modify: Fabricators and scrappers so that they'll cooperate with all corporations Add the following: New Variables: Crafting speed: modifier to control how fast things are made Resource Consumption: modifier to change how much of each resource is required to make things...
  13. ZeroGravitas

    [0.8.1] Resources dither entering Silos (with Pacemaker on Turbo)

    A fun little, new crafting idiosyncrasy that may or may not be related to more problematic crafting bugs (I'm looking into) introduced with 0.8, etc.... Sometimes it will take chunks several ticks to enter a Silo, being reset back to the Conveyor block they came off repeatedly. I've no idea...
  14. Zed

    New Larger Silo Poll

    Greetings All, In keeping with the "need a new silo" thread I offer the following poll to canvas community support:
  15. AstraTheDragon

    More Corporation-based Conveyors

    So GSO and Venture have conveyors. This is good. I like it. But I feel that one of the areas that still makes TerraTech feel like an early-access game is that the crafting is usually 100% GSO (except for fabricators and scrapper and maybe the odd delivery cannon.) There is literally no incentive...
  16. Doomagheddon

    Crafting Thoughts for New Crafting

    As I've only recently played this and have maxed out, I've noticed that once you figure out how to mine for profit you have no need for crafting. The idea I have would be to have certain special items that you could only get through crafting, maybe even have to research them first of find a...
  17. Zorgomol

    Logistics Relay

    What is it? It is a very simple device that makes building crafting techs a lot easier. It is a 2x1x1 block that could look like a pair of alternator conveyors joined together, except the arrows are flipped on the other side. Or just a block that has a green input hole and a red output hole...
  18. Icarus_The_King_Of_Angels

    Component Blocks and Packagers

    Imagine this: component blocks. They cannot be bought or found in crates, but can be scrapped into a number of their component. They are created by a Packager. (A reskinned fabricator with only this type of recipe, unlocked at each corporations max grade) Venture: none. (who stays anywhere...
  19. Zorgomol

    Performance issues, vs 0.7.9

    So I had this fairly long-running campaign game in 0.7.9 which might have started a few versions earlier, not sure about that, but anyway, it seems that .2 has some serious performance issues with my mobile crafting base compared to 0.7.9. 0.7.9 had no major FPS issues with the thing but in...
  20. ZeroGravitas

    [] Fabricated blocks get stuck inside Fabricator (sometimes crashes game)

    @kae, etc, please see this steam thread: It seems like blocks have more difficulty exiting Fabricators, currently. Or are spawned deeper inside of them than previously.