1. R

    [SUGGESTION] New weapons, blocks, and features for the corporations

    This is just going to be a list of all the weapons and blocks I think would be cool in the corporations, some random suggestions, and also some suggestions for where some of the EXP stuff should go. Sorry for the wall of text. EDIT: Features: Sensors, and Nimbatus/Scrap Mechanic style logic...
  2. AstraTheDragon

    More Corporation-based Conveyors

    So GSO and Venture have conveyors. This is good. I like it. But I feel that one of the areas that still makes TerraTech feel like an early-access game is that the crafting is usually 100% GSO (except for fabricators and scrapper and maybe the odd delivery cannon.) There is literally no incentive...
  3. Soviet_Samuelson

    Beggining options

    As it stands, most low-level weapons are immediatly irrelevant once unlocked, as better alternatives are available. Instead of buffing them, we could have different options when starting the game. Right now, the protagonist works for GSO and begins with GSO blocks, but what if you had the option...
  4. ZeroGravitas

    XP from Crafting!

    Destroying a Corporation's techs gives you endless hits of XP for unlocking access to more advanced blocks from that Corp. (A little odd, but ok...) Doing little quests, that gives you new blocks as a reward, also gives you this licensing XP. But discovering blocks through actually making them...
  5. The Grand Teki

    EXP blocks' possible corporations if they're added based on corp-specific mission rewards

    Straight to the topic: GSO: Fuel and Electricity Gauge; Small Tow Hook and Ring; Trailer Wheels; Dropper and Pacemaker. GeoCorp: Monster and Titan wheels; Resource Radar; medium and big trailer hooks and rings (except type 2); Articulater Drill, Straight Jackhammer and Angled Plasma Cutter...
  6. diamondnife

    What kingdoms (Lemon and Kiwi) get what TT corps?

    How are the corps divided between the two empires (GSO, Venture, GeoCorp, Hawkeye), or are the corps hired mercenaries between the two? Personally, I think they are most likely hired mercenaries, but I want to see other people's thoughts.
  7. DAKKA

    PVP Corporations!

    I made the post here: But I think it would receive better attention and recognition here on the official forums!
  8. Geocorp Jumper

    Corp SCU

    This is both a question and a suggestion: will there be as unique SCU for each Corp? I have some thoughts as to how to specialize each of them: Geocorp: Big, industrial design, with a lot of health. It has a huge range to keep the base clean, but takes much longer to charge. Serves better as a...
  9. Mottflyer

    TSN Block Models

    The Latest from 2017: Go to Page 5 for 2017 stuff. Older stuff from 2015: Left: TSN Astem Cab 1x1x2, Middle: TSN Cannon MK1 2x3x2, Right: TSN Ballast Tank MK1 2x1x1 Rendered