1. Milkman

    Corporation-Unique Manufactoring Blocks

    I have an idea for each corporation's manufactoring: Every corporation should have it's own conveyor sets, refineries and delivery cannons. GSO would be how it is now: nothing too special. Venture is good how it is now, all mobile(maybe with an inefficiency debuff such as less BB from selling...
  2. ifnotthe2nd

    Control blocks give modifiers

    There is no reason right now to use any other cab besides the GSO one you start with. It has the most attach points and is only 1 x 1 x 1. However if the other cabs gave a modifier it would encourage players to work around the problems associated with the other cabs. Here's a list of some...
  3. ifnotthe2nd

    Variances in Crafting by Corporation

    Remove: The Pacemaker Modify: Fabricators and scrappers so that they'll cooperate with all corporations Add the following: New Variables: Crafting speed: modifier to control how fast things are made Resource Consumption: modifier to change how much of each resource is required to make things...
  4. Lobstrex

    Space Junkers Corporation

    Hey guys, recently discovered this game, and though I'd put forward some ideas for the planned Space Junkers corporation. If you're unaware, Space Junkers is a planned corporation that is based around 'hand made patch works of old salvaged wrecks'. I mainly drew inspiration from the Mad Max...
  5. M

    Faction AI

    From what I've noticed, there due to reworking of the AI GUI, there's a lacking in diversity for AI types. All four corporations have different AI blocks, yes, but they all function the exact same. So, this is what I propose for future AI development: GSO: Due to GSO being the most basic...
  6. Terra Beetle

    When is legion coming?

    I'm really excited for legion corporation, as I really like insects, and I will finally be able to make some. Any ideas on when is legion going to be released?
  7. Terra Beetle

    Corporation wars

    One thing that would be awesome is to make GSO techs very little as if you have to conquer the planet with the GSO techs being your allies and you have to go to war with other corporations and you probably get money or something by keeping only one corporation blocks and doing their missions...
  8. Stickguys

    Legion Suggestions

    Hello people, I'm Stickguys, Today I've thought about giving suggestion for the "Legion" even in it's actual state of "planned". That's the actual Dev picture they've made : If it doesn't make problems I think of legion a bit like the StarCraft Zergs (a bit weaker than the others but easier...
  9. Stickguys

    A few questions about legion.

    First let me introduce, I'm StickGuys, I've learned about this game 3 days ago (and tried demo). And I've came to see a video showing future corporations and, of course I liked Legion corp better than the others. Here's the picture about the legion and that figured in the dev video. So here...
  10. ilikegoodfood

    Alien Lifeforms and Bio-Blocks

    I know that alien lifeforms have been a topic before, and I know that on one of the live-streams, I was there, the Devs loosely commented on being unsure how to add alien lifeforms for fear that the players would try to exploit them. My response at the time was "Animal Cruelty: Great Idea!"* So...