1. Pachu

    Pachu's Custom Blocks - Old Stars - Wild West Themed Corp is here!

    Hello and welcome. Pachu here with the Old Stars. About this Corporation - Old Stars is a lightweight, fast, wood based corp that is currently partnered with Venture to bring out the wild west to the empty but resource plenty world of Terra Tech - This Corp is based on picking your fights as...
  2. G

    Corporation Unlock Levels?

    Is there a set level of the GSO license to unlock each corporation? If so, what are those levels?
  3. ilikegoodfood

    Corporation Base Blocks

    I know that there is no immediate intention of creation conveyors, collectors and everything else for all of the separate corporations, beyond fabricators and scrappers, but a discussion of what they might look like and how they might behave should still be productive, and hopefully fun. So here...