1. E

    New kind of cab: The Gunner Cab

    Hello Payload Studios, I had the idea of a new type of cabin. The Gunner Cab. This new cab is a kind of rotative turret without anchoring and controllable by a player or an AI (1). The Gunner Cab get only weapon controls and is controlled by a player/AI even if a player/AI is drive the Tech...
  2. NeonGreenShades

    Making Anchored Invader a standalone base raiding Mission / Co-op Gamemode

    I always thought of raiding a player built giant bases with smaller tech protecting it, something that will be fun endgame, or even on multiplayer co-op. While the closest thing would be Invader, the system a bit flawed (Which coda has a recent post regarding it.). We can get an end-game...