1. MrTwister

    [1.3.x.x] - (Coop) Anchored techs going up and up each time out of sight

    Self-explanatory from the picture. 1) Anchor anything 2) Go outside of rendering distance 3) Return 4) It is anchored a few meters up now Repeat 1-4 and keep going up und up. Applies only to coop modes. Please fix asap.
  2. MrTwister

    Creative coop hostile mode

    Hi guys. When coop Creative is coming, would you please be so kind to implement some kind of switch or a forces/allies tab, in order to be able to switch to hostile mode with coop partner? It would be fun to be able to slug it out :) Can be on either per-tech or overall basis.
  3. S

    Co-Op Multiplayer

    I’d love to be able to play the campaign with my friends. If that is hosting one of my computer or hosting it like PvP multiplayer I wouldn’t mind, I’d really just like to be able to play with my friends. For example the ability to invite a friend over steam to my game would improve the gaming...