1. Zorgomol

    [] GSO Up and Step conveyors semi-detach on load

    By semi-detached I mean, they are attached to the craft but do not function as conveyors. Save attached. Also snapshot used to spawn the base, which is likewise affected. GSO Step conveyors and Up conveyors seem to be particularly corrupted. These attached are just example cases, other...
  2. Twigjack

    Shift+RMB to change conveyor direction instead of RMB

    What it says on the tin. It's bothersome for all the conveyors in my factory to get messed up because I was trying to orient something against them. Alternatively, Disable conveyor direction change if there is a block ghost active.
  3. AstraTheDragon

    More Corporation-based Conveyors

    So GSO and Venture have conveyors. This is good. I like it. But I feel that one of the areas that still makes TerraTech feel like an early-access game is that the crafting is usually 100% GSO (except for fabricators and scrapper and maybe the odd delivery cannon.) There is literally no incentive...
  4. Zorgomol

    Logistics Relay

    What is it? It is a very simple device that makes building crafting techs a lot easier. It is a 2x1x1 block that could look like a pair of alternator conveyors joined together, except the arrows are flipped on the other side. Or just a block that has a green input hole and a red output hole...
  5. Mindlessmrawesome

    Conveyor Turntables.

    So today I was tweaking the internals of my Cuboidal Base in the TT_unstable R&D, and I noticed 3 things: Sometimes Seed AIs aren't treated as a component chunk and will bypass random filters they go by. The Hawkeye scrapper doesn't make it's dispensed chunks do the whole NoClip thing where...
  6. A

    New form of block management

    Before I begin, realize that this is my first post, so please understand that the formatting might be a little off. Thanks! So, I was thinking about the SCU one day and thought, "Why can't blocks be stored in the same way as resources? " After this thought had wandered into my mind, I began to...
  7. Khaylain

    Conveyor first placment tweak

    I've figured out that when you place down two conveyors for the first time, they seem to always convey towards the first placed conveyor. When making a complex conveyor system this could get tedious. (read, it does get tedious...) I'd suggest that when a conveyor is placed right next to a...
  8. ilikegoodfood

    Corporation Base Blocks

    I know that there is no immediate intention of creation conveyors, collectors and everything else for all of the separate corporations, beyond fabricators and scrappers, but a discussion of what they might look like and how they might behave should still be productive, and hopefully fun. So here...
  9. Terra Beetle

    SCU + conveyors

    My idea is to make the SCU compatible with conveyors. A simple idea but think about the possibilities! A huge base with huge harvesters crafting huge blocks and putting them in the SCU! It would be awesome if they implement it.