1. Geocorp Jumper

    Fabrication Overhaul

    I asked in an open thread if I should post this idea. Response was low, but positive, so I am here posting my ideas for a fabrication overhaul. If implemented, even in part, the ideas I suggest could make fabrication a much more enticing, enjoyable, and profitable activity for players. First...
  2. Exund

    Conveyor Patch

    Posting here due to a small issue with TTMM I saw complaints about the conveyor ignoring crafting blocks output so I fixed it: conveyors now prioritize crafting blocks output over other conveyors To install just donwlod the attached zip and put the folder inside your QMods folder (example...
  3. RC-3197

    Suggestion #3 Teleportation Conveyor Belts

    With Reticule Research on the horizon I found myself asking the question, what could they add to the manufacturing system to make it better for everyone? I thought about conveyor belts and realized there wasn't much of a variety in the way we transport resources across a manufacturing system...
  4. E

    New block idea!

    I have an idea about a new block, i would call it the Resource Transporter block. It would be a block you would put on bases, whether mobile or anchored. It will work in pairs. What it would do is whatever goes onto one side will get transported to the other, and I would suggest that it would...
  5. Zorgomol

    [] GSO Up and Step conveyors semi-detach on load

    By semi-detached I mean, they are attached to the craft but do not function as conveyors. Save attached. Also snapshot used to spawn the base, which is likewise affected. GSO Step conveyors and Up conveyors seem to be particularly corrupted. These attached are just example cases, other...
  6. Zorgomol

    {} Filter-to-conveyor issue + hard hang

    How to reproduce: - start new game, creative or R&D - spawn or swap the snapshot tech: - observe non-functional conveyors as highlit below - Try re-attaching an affected conveyor (any of the 'non-directional' ones) - conveoyr direction switching becomes erratic. - Try reversing any of the...
  7. Twigjack

    Max request distance for chunks

    What is the farthest that a CF, refinery, or fabber can pull a chunk down a conveyor? I've seen people mentioning that there is a limit, but not what it is.
  8. Sardaukar

    GSO Pusher Conveyor

    I'm positive that this is not a new idea, but searching for terms like pusher, puller, and inserter yielded no results and the only thread I can recall reading with a similar idea was more of change to conveyor behavior than a new block. So: A new block, GSO themed, similar in appearance to the...
  9. ZeroGravitas

    [0.8.1] Resources dither entering Silos (with Pacemaker on Turbo)

    A fun little, new crafting idiosyncrasy that may or may not be related to more problematic crafting bugs (I'm looking into) introduced with 0.8, etc.... Sometimes it will take chunks several ticks to enter a Silo, being reset back to the Conveyor block they came off repeatedly. I've no idea...
  10. Soviet_Samuelson

    Cool conveyor idea.

    You can control the direction and speed of all conveyors in unison,using a pacemaker v2 (hawkeye, perhaps) This would allow you to make rotating turrets on mobile techs without AI, and make multi-conveyor elevators easier to use/make without accidentaly breaking them
  11. ZeroGravitas

    [] Refineries get overwhelmed by consecutive resources

    This is one of most frequently encounter bugs, with a mention in the "Known Major Issues" section of the patch notes for many months. From the patch notes on Steam: Refineries attached to the side of a continuous stretch of conveyor will only take 5 chunks consecutively, before pausing...
  12. ZeroGravitas

    Mechanical resource chunk, for advanced multi-techs, logical operations and fun.

    A perfectly spherical, mirror (grey) ball bearing, the size of a GSO 1 block. Either, it's purely a resource chunk, not used in any recipes. Picked up by receivers, as normal... Or, it's also it's own recipe, so it's a block than can be scrapped to make a conveyor compatible chunk that is...
  13. Lord Zarnox

    Hawkeye Resource Tubes (AKA military grade conveyors)

    Hawkeye is probably quite good with logistics and manufacturing. I think it would make sense that they have military grade resource management. This would be in the form of tubes, which while they would be incompatible with GSO and Venture conveyors, due to their different mechanics, there would...
  14. ZeroGravitas

    [] Alternator & Filter conveyor indicator arrows render wrong in different orientations

    The green/red/blue input and output arrows on Alternators and Conveyors are mis-oriented when these blocks are placed in a sideways or upside down orientation, on a tech. Here, have 2 test-pattern techs displaying every possible orientation of both block types. Hopefully handy for quick...
  15. ZeroGravitas

    [] Undo of breaking conveyor causes bug, then hard crash.

    To recreate (shown in video): Make a short length of conveyor, then remove one piece, such that another two (or one?) fall off, bringing up the "Undo" button. Click undo. Conveyor is now bugged, with pieces no long considered a contiguous length, such that right clicking to change it's...
  16. ZeroGravitas

    [] Chunk 'teleportation' routing when conveyor block moved from component factory input

    This is a really fun one!:) I was tempted to keep hold of it; hope I've not spoilt anyone's fun. Am assuming it's only in the (latest) unstable, as I would have thought I'd have noticed this before, otherwise. It seems the chunk routing net isn't updated correctly when a conveyor block is...
  17. ilikegoodfood

    Venture Long Conveyor

    As per @Jamie 's request, this is a suggestion to try and reduce frame-rate drop and crafting delays. The Venture Long Conveyors are designed to swiftly move resources from one end of a base to another, as moving resources down a long sting of individual conveyors can take some time and...
  18. ilikegoodfood

    Auto-Optimize Base Tick Rate

    As per @Jamie 's request, here the first of an attempted improvement to the speed of crafting. This idea is dependent on three things: The tick rate of all production blocks can be changed in a single action. The game is able to measure the amount of system time a tick has taken. The process...
  19. Lord Zarnox

    Manufacturing focused corporation - SmartBuild

    I'm thinking there should be a corporation dedicated to effective and efficient manufacturing and base design. Using the temporary name of SmartBuild, I have made this detailed (WIP) post of a list of blocks, concepts, and other ideas for such a corporation. As a simple list of some blocks they...