1. FreeUdon

    Helicopter ease of use

    A great feature to add to the game would be an altitude lock for helicopters, quadcopters and anything of the sort. Altitude lock would work by having the player hit a button at a desired height then the tech would lock at that altitude. Another possible solution would be to revamp the way such...
  2. E

    Suggestion about game controller

    Hello Payload Studios, There is a function that you could add and I have been thinking about for a while. She is present in a fairly similar game called Bandjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. It is a function that allows, during the building of a vehicle, to move several parts at the same time. Thus...
  3. H


    This is more a question of controls than actual flier construction. This is the flier that I'm trying to fly with. Simple construction, nothing crazy. However, everytime I go to fly, I don't have any pitch control. Both W and S as well as UpArrow and Downarrow are treated as forwards and...
  4. Mindlessmrawesome

    [1.0.2] says it spins but really doesn't

    see how it says Spins (Shift) yeah you kinda made it so they don't really do that anymore, whenever you press shift you lift your lift up but it will never come back down. Same thing with ctrl. Maybe make it so that controls like those that are normally for on/off controls (shift and ctrl)...
  5. S

    would love it if there was a binding to change the manual target button

    this would be great because some people have the magic mouse 2 so we cannot do it please implement this it would be fantastic.
  6. Thundercraft

    Option to De-couple [Forward]/[Down] & [Backward]/[Up]

    One big issue I have with flying techs is how the controls are configured. Specifically, I always find it difficult to get a tech to take off the ground because of the controls. And, despite how we can change the controls (to a limited degree), there is no option to do what is necessary to...
  7. ZeroGravitas

    [] Planes load with off-axis pitch pivoting (sometimes)

    It seems like this bug may be most common with longer planes (not sure if ratio to width, or absolute size). Also, it happens most frequently (about half the time, or more) when using the tech replacement type of loading in Creative or R&D. In these modes any shape plane seems to be prone to...
  8. Twigjack

    Shift+RMB to change conveyor direction instead of RMB

    What it says on the tin. It's bothersome for all the conveyors in my factory to get messed up because I was trying to orient something against them. Alternatively, Disable conveyor direction change if there is a block ghost active.
  9. Epb7304

    center of mass/lift button

    simply a way to show the center of mass and lift when in build mode.
  10. SniperCZE

    Ghost key presses on Ubuntu 18.04

    Hello Teratech! I've just installed a game from steam on my ubuntu 18.04 and switched to tt_unstable branch. When I want to move my tech, sometimes (quite often to be clear) it moves, but the game somehow "caches" which keyboard was pressed and handle it after. So tech keeps moving in some...
  11. S

    Are there plans to enhance camera control???

    This is the first shooter game I have played where I have to constantly fight with the camera position while I am engaged in a battle. I have searched the forums for previous threads on this and found a couple of old topics on it... and i am somewhat surprised more people have not complained...
  12. Lord Zarnox

    Controllers have strange key bindings

    Well, for lack of a better word. If I remember correctly (as my laptop charger doesn't work, and I only used a controller for the game once), while using an Xbox 360 controller, the D-Pad navigates the inventory while also zooming at the same time (I think the same thing happens with the Left...
  13. C

    Toggle Forward Motion Button

    Hello! Love the game. What would most help me enjoy it more is a button that toggles forward motion on and off: an auto-run/auto-forward key. Because of a hand injury a few years ago, I can only play the game so long, endlessly holding the W key or up on the control stick, before my hand pain...
  14. MrTwister

    Strafe buttons - Q left, E right

    Dear developers, we all know we are not getting the big UI/controls update until 1.0 version of the game. However, in the meantime, it's nigh impossible to do a decent fully controllable hovercraft or a helicopter without the ability to order left-right propulsion force directly. Would you...
  15. ZeroGravitas

    [] Feedback - Focus view not really useable where most needed (massive resource bases).

    Being able to focus the camera on a specific block of a big tech is pretty handy.:) Although I found I was doing it by mistake a fair bit. Also, it interferes with other right click functionality, like reversing conveyor directions, etc, requiring two clicks and then moving the camera around...
  16. Chrii_the_Vieh

    Thoughts about better flight controls

    Dear Terratechincians, dear devs, I couldn't find sleep last night, so I started to think about flight controls in TerraTech. Here is what I did come up with. Please let me know your thoughts about the suggestions. 1. How should rotors/turbofans work? What we have (correct me if I'm wrong)...
  17. ilikegoodfood

    Small RnD Suggestion

    Charge and Discharge Battery Button. Viewing a Tech in RnD with all bubbles charged can be a little fiddly at the moment, and while not super important it will become more important as more active, power-using blocks become available, such as the commonly requested Electric Booster.
  18. ilikegoodfood

    Properly Define "Hovers"

    Currently the system of Hover parts in TerraTech is functional, however it is also self-contradictory. Generally speaking a Hover is more properly known as a Repulsor. A Repulsor, as the name implied, repels or pushes away from any physical objects that get too close. Depending on the power...
  19. FightBiscuit

    Tech Controls

    Since we have different Vehicle Types it`s hard to control them right now. Here are my wishes to new Controls: TTRH means Thrusters/Turbines+Propellers/Hovers TTR means Thusters/Turbines+Propellers Overall: Q and E or TAB: Change Control Mode Hover plates behave the same as Steering Hovers...
  20. strikyer

    Commands & Controls

    Hi i'm posting this for a basic but vital reason: why there is almost any controls in the game!:mad: there is only VITAL controls and... anything else! we can't fully control our creation's thursters, there is only 1 button for all thursters and we need some more commands!:eek: I think we...