1. Epb7304

    weapon groups, revisited

    the main reason I think why the devs have not already added weapon groups is because of people who play with a controller (somehow...) so I propose a different kind of weapon group there are 5 groups resource (activates if there are resources within the 1st radar ring) close-range enemy...
  2. E

    Suggestion about game controller

    Hello Payload Studios, There is a function that you could add and I have been thinking about for a while. She is present in a fairly similar game called Bandjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. It is a function that allows, during the building of a vehicle, to move several parts at the same time. Thus...
  3. B

    Joystick support? Not xbox or steam controller

    Hello! I've been trying to get my Logitech Attack 3 joystick to work with terra tech for a while now. I've mapped the certain axises and buttons to the game's definitions. When doing so the game recognizes the changes in the launcher input tab. The launcher is currently on axis one Which is...
  4. A

    Ps4 button input?

    Anyone knows all input for the control for ps4? Aside from normal mechanics, i discovered that up and down arrows zooms the camera and R3 auto locks the camera when near an enemy. If you discovered another input, add it in comments. We could do a list for console players. *Sorry if this is...
  5. S

    [0.8.1] 360 controller is non-responsive

    Ok, so I can’t get the game to respond to my wireless 360 controller. I couldn’t find much info on the problem, so I thought I’d give the forums a shot. Here is some info: It does work with other games It also works with the graphics/control mapping prompt that shows up before the game loads...
  6. Lord Zarnox

    Controllers have strange key bindings

    Well, for lack of a better word. If I remember correctly (as my laptop charger doesn't work, and I only used a controller for the game once), while using an Xbox 360 controller, the D-Pad navigates the inventory while also zooming at the same time (I think the same thing happens with the Left...
  7. Sypheris

    Controller Camera

    I didn't want to post into the bug section unless I can confirm. Have the camera controls been disabled for the controller in the unstable build? I switched to the most recent stable branch (7.6 I think) and the camera controls work for the controller there. However, in the unstable branch the...
  8. Fine

    Entering Options while 2 xinput controllers are plugged in throws an exception

    The controllers in question are a standard wired XBox 360 pad and Qanba Q4raf arcade stick, but that should not matter in the xinput mode of the controller. A single dinput, xinput, xinpuit+dinput or 2 dinput controllers did not cause this.