1. V

    (Console) Block allowance.

    I'm aware that console has its block allowance for lag prevention but I've been looking around and alot of people do not experience as much lag as you think. I've also found that many console players are having a hard time setting up a base while also having a tech that allows us to handle some...
  2. W

    ETA on RR for console?

    The dev's mentioned that the R&D labs would be coming to console "soon" back in their February roadmap update post. It is now almost July and there is still no news on when we will be getting this update or even any patches.
  3. S

    Xbox One: Spider King Mission has vanished and won't reappear in Trading Stations.

    Hello, So far, my experience with this game has been fantastic. Very few bugs, awesome features and visuals, constant updates, tight-knit community, However, today I found a bug that actually made me quite annoyed. My main goal of the playthrough was to take over the Spider King's Lair for...
  4. Cleecayce

    Keyboard & Mouse Support for Consoles

    Hi Payload, Please add this support for consoles please, I play on console because it has better graphics and fps in my case. I think it would be a great addition to the game for people that prefer keyboard and mouse but can't afford a gaming pc like me!
  5. Z

    [PS4] Resize HUD

    A continuous issue I've always had, is the fact that I have an older TV, and I've been trying my hardest to find out how to properly turn off overscan and resize it properly, but I can't. Normally, from what I've personally seen, there's always a way to resize the hud on other games, and that's...
  6. A

    Forum for consoles?

    I cant find any info on consoles. I have a PS4 and feel like proposing a button setup for PS4 in control thread may be out of place. All forum is for PC and i understand this game is new for consoles. Any info?
  7. A

    Ps4 button input?

    Anyone knows all input for the control for ps4? Aside from normal mechanics, i discovered that up and down arrows zooms the camera and R3 auto locks the camera when near an enemy. If you discovered another input, add it in comments. We could do a list for console players. *Sorry if this is...
  8. ZeroGravitas

    [1.0][Console] Block Allowance issues and idiosyncrasies

    Block limits are necessary for consoles and so this feature won't be removed altogether. However, some refinements or fixes may be in order, with respect to issues highlighted below. (Disclaimer, I don't have a console, so all my info is second hand. Mostly from @Heketea.) (1) Can't place down...
  9. Epic afdc

    Split screen (local) multiplayer on consoles?

    Now, this is a rarity in modern gaming, most games nowadays are online multiplayer only which means if someone wants to play a game with a family member, they have to have TWO consoles and TWO copies of the game, so devs, PLEASE put in split screen multiplayer on console @Jamie
  10. GermanLeagueGaming

    Creative commands

    Adding commands like /fly; /time (day/night); /summon tech [TECHNAME]; /tech (ally/enemy) [TECHNAME]; /kill [TECHNAME]; /creative; /survival; /infiniteblocks; /fastdestroy (Destroys everything you click); /summon (RESOURCENAME); /tp COORDINATES. Have fun, GLG