component factory

  1. Geocorp Jumper

    Dongles Could Fix Crafting in an Unexpected Way…

    The crafting system is perhaps the hardest point in TT. This is perhaps the most frequently visited topic in either this forum or the TT discord. Crafting is complex (not necessarily an issue), poorly taught (this is an issue), and plagued with some serious bugs (definitely an issue). It...
  2. ScienceDiscoverer

    I have a problem with component factories in a huge production base

    The problem is, component factories (CF) change their production pattern in a huge tech with many factories/scrappers compared to smaller techs. In a smaller tech CFs work like this (Coffman Cell, for example): Gears - production. Right arrow component moves into factory from conveyor. Down...
  3. B

    Unable to access the component fabric items

    Hello TerraTech-Friends, Please see the attached screenshot. The marked button are greyed out. How can I select them? The tooltip message for the buttons say that some expansions are required, but I don't know how or where to get them. Thanks for help, M and C
  4. H

    [0.8.2] Hawkeye Large Armour Plate Fabricating

    Encountered an issue when attempting to craft an Hawkeye Large Armour Plate. Selecting it from the Hawkeye fabricator with two GSO Component Factories attached to the conveyor results in both factories requiring the materials needed if available from my silos, The second factory used for making...
  5. T

    Silos, Fabricators, and mostly filters

    Recently, I have made a big scrapping base which has many GSO Losta silos. I lined them up to a fabricator to craft some blocks that I need and the silos dont dispatch. I put filters next to the silos to test if they were going to dispatch resources and they did. This gave me the idea that...
  6. ifnotthe2nd

    Resource/Component loss converted to Chaos Chunks

    How about when my scrapper, fabricator, component factory, etc... would lose there stored resources, instead of spitting out some black dust, they spat out a "Chaos Chunk." These "Chaos Chunks would then be redeemable at a new "recycler" block or alternatively at the refinery for the lost...
  7. Twigjack

    Max request distance for chunks

    What is the farthest that a CF, refinery, or fabber can pull a chunk down a conveyor? I've seen people mentioning that there is a limit, but not what it is.
  8. G

    [] Component factory problems

    Unable to craft Cyclone jet Process before video: -Trying to craft new engines -Does not auto craft the cyclone jets -Manually crafted the fuel injector -Component factory then auto crafts the cyclone jet -Takes the fuel injector, then cancels the order therefore destroying the fuel injector...
  9. Potato

    [0.7.6] Component Base does not take resources

    Here's the scenario: I've a large component base that's built to fabricate HE Cruise Missiles in one go. Since I don't count the number of resources involved in the recipe, I decided to add some on the silos. Problem is, the resource chunks I've recently placed on the silo do not automatically...
  10. ZeroGravitas

    [] Won't craft blocks with exotic components (e.g. Seed AI) without unnecessary refinery.

    With 4 component factories feeding a fabricator, block recipes requiring top tier components won't allocate factories (or call for resources) unless a refinery is placed such that it could theoretically feed all of the factory's inputs. Even though all resources are already refined (and the...
  11. ZeroGravitas

    [] Chunk 'teleportation' routing when conveyor block moved from component factory input

    This is a really fun one!:) I was tempted to keep hold of it; hope I've not spoilt anyone's fun. Am assuming it's only in the (latest) unstable, as I would have thought I'd have noticed this before, otherwise. It seems the chunk routing net isn't updated correctly when a conveyor block is...
  12. ZeroGravitas

    [0.7.5] Component Factories request superfluous resources during part Fabrication (sometimes).

    There seems to be lots of little problems with automated crafting that I've experienced in and appear to still be there in unstable I've attempted to pin one down, here, but I can't see that there's a hard and fast rule for why this fault sometimes does and sometimes doesn't...
  13. Lord Zarnox

    Manufacturing focused corporation - SmartBuild

    I'm thinking there should be a corporation dedicated to effective and efficient manufacturing and base design. Using the temporary name of SmartBuild, I have made this detailed (WIP) post of a list of blocks, concepts, and other ideas for such a corporation. As a simple list of some blocks they...
  14. Demonen

    Component crafting queue

    Watching the stream just now, I asked in the chat if a component crafting UI update was on the timeline. That was basically met with "Uh... nooo? What's wrong with it?", so I thought I'd make a suggestion as to how it can be improved a little. First, let's have a look at how it looks today...
  15. Khaylain

    0.7.4 Stable Component Factory

    The component factory in the included save (high up by the fibron chunks) does not react to my RMB clicks. Can't open the crafting interface. When I replaced an anchor on the corner that was not anchored at the previous moment it suddenly responded to RMB clicks. Hope it helps in some way.