1. Legionite

    Forums TAC Pack Mod (Block Pack) [0.6] ~ Terminal Velocity

    Current Version: TAC Pack Version 0.6 - Terminal Velocity TAC "Corp": [TAC_Pack Dropbox/Downloads Link] Not to be confused with the the Steam TAC Pack, as that one is behind this one in terms of development. If you are interested in joining the AI Revolution and being a part of a bigger...
  2. _Kaasblokje_

    Community Straw Poll. What do you think should happen next?

    What do you, the player, think about what the devs should prioritize in this game? Awnser the straw poll below to help the community! Don't forget that you can select multiple options! (please don't select all of them though..) Also consider sharing this poll...
  3. ZeroGravitas

    Better Mission Bases - Techs Wanted!

    Following on from the call for Explosive Bolts techs (which are already in Unstable missions!:)). This project arose from my self-stocking base tech submissions and a subsequent conversation with game designer Kris (AKA @zanzistar). He's agreed to put new bases in too, if we can get at...
  4. reaperx1

    Community Core SHowCase #4

    The deadline for this one will be July 8 so there is lots of time to get your techs in. The video will be posted as soon as possible. Each member can post up to three techs and make sure to add instructions if needed. Only snapshots will be accepted as I want all the techs to be seen on the...

    My silo is in trouble.

    my silo gets full in the middle of the game, in my factory I have 11 silo lined up, each one stores a mine. However when I leave the game and enter all the resources are on the ground and the silos are empty. This is normal?
  6. reaperx1

    Community Core ShowCase #3

    Hello fellow Techologists! The deadline for this one will be June 3 so there is lots of time to get your techs in. The video will be posted the following Saturday. Each member can post up to three techs and make sure to add instructions if needed. Only snapshots or game saves will be accepted...

    A New State of the Game Review with fresh-ish eyes...

    Well I have been away for over a year-in-a-half and I have really missed playing TT at the same time. While I have greatly missed the community and being involved with it and watching the Wednesday streams. I’m actually really glad I was away all that time… Playing TT now it’s like...
  8. reaperx1

    NeuTecha - A Community Project

    Hello all! I have been wanting to do this for a long time now and it seems like the game may be in a good enough place to at least start. What I am proposing is a world build that everyone can take part in and build techs for in order to make it really come to life. If you would like to be a...
  9. missleMaster1793

    Comunity Collab: Train world!

    Hi fellow terratechians! I was thinking to do a community project. A massive train set. You can create little track pieces and accesories. ONE SLOT LEFT! If you hve another job, but want to havr the last slots or one I took, you are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO DO SO!!! Just notify me downbelow. Track...
  10. Legionite

    "Meet the Community"

    From what I have learned from this forum over time is that many people like to build in different ways. I thought that if we, as dedicated community members, explain our favorite building styles in brief to make newcomers more comfortable with interacting in this forum. Some questions to...
  11. P

    Community News Ep#1. AKA 'What you missed on the stream'

    So, not everyone is a fan of streams. Or know they exist. Or have time to watch them. And they miss out on Jason's rich chocolatey voice, which is sad. But a lot of news about upcoming stuff happens there, and folks miss out. ditto twitter. So, i'm posting this to let people know what was...
  12. Chrii_the_Vieh


    Hi fellow TerraTechnichians, I am kind of addicted to achievements and read through the list of possible achievements here in the forum. This one made me curious: Andre the Giant has a posse How on earth? You have more likes than posts. Good job! If I remember it correctly, the closest I...
  13. Nocallia

    Terra Tech is going to become a looooot bigger

    If you do not watch this video, here are some highlights: Easter Egg Giveaway, random prizes including this game Ssundee, because of 0.6, might be playing this again. Hype -Baconus