community core

  1. reaperx1

    Community Core ShowCase #1

    What I am proposing with this thread is pretty much a community core, but due to my slow internet it would not be streamed live. I would be a showcase type video. If you are interested post your techs below and make sure that you leave instructions if they are needed. You can post up to three...
  2. S

    Community Core By The Community (closed for now, sorry just dont have the time for it)

    Hey guys because the Def are working hard on the game, hey dont have time for community core live stream for a while codertears. So i thought i can do it for them on my twichchannel it until they have the time again. I'm looking for some one how can help me because i can only do it one every...
  3. The Grand Teki

    Forget it

    Attach snapshots or game saves of Techs you want included in the Community Core stream! Community Core is a live stream where we showcase the best creations players have made in TerraTech. You can watch them in action on Wednesday 16th August from 5pm BST here: A...
  4. maritaria

    Custom race track

    This is the race track as featured on the community core on 3rd of may. It has its own thread so you can give me feedback. Although made with Nuterra, it is made to work with vanilla :) If you want to use a custom tech for racing, best to prepare a tech to spawn in as spending too much time may...
  5. The Grand Teki

    Pre-CC template for march 29 (ignore)

    Ask me to remake the title when the stream is live please! @Zeena, I'm just trying to be helpful. Edit: @Baconus_Yum please try to warn me if the stream starts!