1. Warning220

    Weapon and Combat problem and possible ways to fix them.

    So far the game(well most games do) has two main weapon groups the: One shot wonder. weapons that contrary to their name shoot one or a burst of shots that deal an extreme amount of damage at the start of a fight and then have a very long recharge time that's probably gonna be longer then the...
  2. Fichom

    Awesome music, but...

    So, there are some real bangers in the combat music mix that create this 'something is happening' atmosphere. And I'm sure that's what the objective with those were - bangers to draw attention when there is combat, and somewhat serene background music when you are just cruisin'. Which is...
  3. Faffywaffy

    Multiplayer Suggestion - Team Battle

    Greetings to developers and players alike. I've thoroughly enjoyed playing Terratech thus far, but the biggest thing missing from the game (in my opinion) is a good PVP gamemode. Deathmatch is fun the first couple of times, but having to build your techs on the fly is pretty stressful and...
  4. Nerf Craft

    Flight Blocks

    Flying in Terra Tech is not the easiest thing in the world. And air to ground or air to air combat is nearly impossible without missiles. So here are a few new flight blocks to make planes more practical in almost every way. 1) Venture Geared Combat Wing Left/Right/Mid: Similar to the Venture...
  5. SRTT

    S.R.T.T RnD (SRTT's Research in Techs and Tactics' RnD division)

    making smol bois and posting them here, if u wanna, you can join.
  6. GamerParrish

    General Rules for Kingdom Combat

    As everyone knows, combat on RP becomes more and more important, from deciding what flavor of lemonade is best, or whether to split the planets Titanium supply, it almost always ends in a war. So I think we should have some basic rules. - Combat can no longer be planet eaters, you can launch...
  7. Legionite

    "The Kiwi Wars" Part 2 Beginning: Space Combat

    (TAC has the H4wKNet radar tower: ) Recent scans have revealed our cloaked flagship to the "world". It also revealed a bunch of pretty huge Kiwi space fleets scattered around in multiple orbit inclinations around the Off-World. This is going to be one very long war... Seems the Kiwi Kingdom...
  8. diamondnife

    Carpet bombs/Stagger fire for some guns

    Adding a carpet bomb for Hawkeye that you could attach to the bottom of a craft/flyer that drops bombs in a stagger fire pattern so it has a large area of effect in a line. It could be used to make large bombers or smaller stealth bombers. You could also add a stagger fire mechanic that could be...
  9. marshrover

    Allied AI running into me while they should be fighting.

    I've run into this a lot while running an AI helper with me. I'd run into an enemy and they'd start firing their weapons, but instead of attacking the enemy it runs into me, even when the enemy is behind it and there is nothing blocking its way.