1. prototype464

    [1.4.21] [PC] (Modded) Skins are not working for co-op players.

    I am positive this is either a bug with the way the game handles skins, or through one of the mod managers that handles these skins. Steps to reproduce: 1. Go about the usual way of installing skin mods and running TTSMM in Administrator, then have both host and co-player boot the game. 2...
  2. M

    friends cannot see mods in co-op

    well so basically me and my friends wanted to play modded co-op campaign but they cannot see any modded blocks even though they are subscribed to them (on steam workshop) so does anyone know what to do? the mods that i wish to play with my friends are Lemon Kingdom, NOVA and a few skin mods
  3. M

    Co op with friends and mods

    Can you play with friends who don't have the same mods. My friend doesn't have a lot of room on his pc. His phone has more.
  4. M

    Co op

    Can you play co op with friends who don't have the same mods. Friend doesn't have a lot of room on his pc
  5. SemperAnte

    Dedicated server creation and join lobby via IP

    Good day. I would like to suggest adding the possibility of creating a dedicated server for your game and the subsequent possibility of connecting to it via an IP address. Because sometimes Steam may not see the lobby, and also because the connection goes through third-party servers, ping may...
  6. Aceba1

    Local Multiplayer Revived

    Local Multiplayer Mod A recreation of the Local Multiplayer Inject mod for TerraTech! You can install this mod to your game using the TerraTech Mod Manager. To use: Press ALT M to bring up the menu and create a new controller. Select the controller you want and set the name for the tech you...
  7. S

    Co-Op Multiplayer

    I’d love to be able to play the campaign with my friends. If that is hosting one of my computer or hosting it like PvP multiplayer I wouldn’t mind, I’d really just like to be able to play with my friends. For example the ability to invite a friend over steam to my game would improve the gaming...