1. HeX

    Resource Chunks []

    I have not tested with other versions yet but I have noticed that resource chunks on thimble collectors stop rotating if the tech is anchored.
  2. A

    Ressource chunks "vacuum cleaner" - or the issue with tech height and collectors

    Being quite fond of Geotech, one issue you run into when using their tech is that due to their large size collectors have some issues getting ressource chunks away from the ground. Ressources that you drive over are basically completly unable to be retreived because even if the tractor...
  3. Twigjack

    Max request distance for chunks

    What is the farthest that a CF, refinery, or fabber can pull a chunk down a conveyor? I've seen people mentioning that there is a limit, but not what it is.
  4. ZeroGravitas

    Mechanical resource chunk, for advanced multi-techs, logical operations and fun.

    A perfectly spherical, mirror (grey) ball bearing, the size of a GSO 1 block. Either, it's purely a resource chunk, not used in any recipes. Picked up by receivers, as normal... Or, it's also it's own recipe, so it's a block than can be scrapped to make a conveyor compatible chunk that is...
  5. ZeroGravitas

    [] Chunk 'teleportation' routing when conveyor block moved from component factory input

    This is a really fun one!:) I was tempted to keep hold of it; hope I've not spoilt anyone's fun. Am assuming it's only in the (latest) unstable, as I would have thought I'd have noticed this before, otherwise. It seems the chunk routing net isn't updated correctly when a conveyor block is...
  6. X

    [0.7.4] Chunks bypassing filters

    After making a sorting system on my base, I noticed that some chunks would bypass their filter and go right on down the line. Upon further inspection, every 3rd chunk would bypass its filter without fail. Example: Attached is the save file. To reproduce: 1: Make a conveyor line with a filter...