1. Kohta

    TT Campaign Playthrough Challenges

    TT Campaign Playthrough Challenges READ SPOILER BEFORE POSTING!!! The purpose of this thread is to produce challenges that allow/force players both new and old to experience the campaign in a new light. There are many players out there who have ideas for the game that just aren't...
  2. GibbonAndy

    People’s Print Challenge 2: Wheeled Warriors

    Hello Hello Hello! Following our last competition – we’re running another design competition - you could win a 3D print of your winning entry, and be the envy of all your fellow TerraTech players! To make it even more interesting – we’ll be printing this on one of the world’s newest and most...
  3. Olli_DXD

    Bring back the old challenge gamemodes

    Any of you remember the old challenge gamemodes that got removed with the gauntlet update? I had a thought about bringing them back since we have a lot of new wheels and flying blocks, wouldn't it be fun to bring them back? The flying challenge, drag-race and rocket challenges would be more...