1. HayderHurder

    Hawkeye Low Atmospheric Airfleet

    A few ideas I have for what it would look like if hawkeye launched a naval campaign...with no water. These were all built on XBOX one, and only one has any blocks that aren't Hawkeye.
  2. Mindlessmrawesome

    M.D. Aircraft Carrier

    Yes. I made an aircraft carrier. It is not done yet, but when it is, it will be on the steam workshop. #MindlessDominion!
  3. jnj01

    Aircraft Carrier

    So I just found out about the new platform plates(which are fantastic) and the bomb weapon(which is also fantastic), as well as the GSO homing battery(fantastic as always), and the first thing that came to mind was an aircraft carrier. This is just a prototype, but I imagine a full-scale one...
  4. Unity Ability

    Make Helicopters! and other counterparts

    helicopters and equipment for it such as rockets, mini guns, a radar, a built-in radar and flares for avoiding for rockets by anti-air placements such as rocket placement i wish to call 1 of them "Hellfire"(This one has 4 rockets and fires rapidly but really hard to make!) and flak guns such as...