1. Scallywag Mag

    [MSF] Megaship Foundry [Inactive]

    Megaship Foundry (Beligerus will be a placeholder image until I can come up with an actual flag) "It is in your actions that Judgment holds jurisdiction" ~Beligerus
  2. Nyaruko

    Long barreled cannons

    My idea for this is rather simple, turrets like the Megaton cannon and/or the Hawkeye cannon with longer barrels and higher accuracy. To make the new guns balanced (from a game play prospective) I think they would have either a very small AOE and/or do less damage.
  3. Aaregon

    FBF Renaider

    This is the current project that i finally finished, which took me around a week to finish. the short stands for "Flying Battleship Fortress". currently it can NOT turn, BUT it can still fly really well and can easily stay powered for a long time with a full load of wood!