1. E

    Tutorial Enhancements/Simplification

    After you complete the tutorial for the first time, having to repeat most of the simple early game missions and such quickly becomes tedious, or at the very least boring or annoying. Here are several tasks that I believe should be considered part of the tutorial: Recovering your solar...
  2. C

    [1.3.10] [PC] [Steam] Venture License Quest "Race Against Time" disappeared and won't spawn again.

    Frequency : No clue it's my first game Game Mode : Campaign Description : When I attempted the Venture license giving mission the first time, I tryed 2 or 3 times and did not success. I came back hours later with better techs, and the race path and the NPC both disappeared. I tryed loading...
  3. Z

    Hover Training Novice missing trial gate

    Version 1.3.9 (T1583258326 9ca75a18) Seed JbFImVE3fPrKxGj Platform Window 10 I cannot find Better Future Hover Training Novice mission trial gate/starting point/obstacle/trial ring, only found NPC Hubl, brought its hoverplane still no progress, cannot cancel mission even when >500m away, seems...
  4. Q

    Some essential suggestions (radar, manage tech option etc.)

    Hello! I just finished my campaign. I maxed all fractions, completed all uncommon "story" missions and earn more than 3 000 000 of BB. And I faced some problems and i found some things that seems to be just essential to the game. 1. I can't understand ho can I change navigation point in the...
  5. Q

    [1.3.9][PC, Steam] Broken loading of manual saves

    Hello! I faced that bug in campaign. If I have a lot of manual campaign game saves (more than 40-50 manual saves), loading the last manual save starts the game from the beginning (just from the intro with falling bomb and TerraTech logo) as if I pushed "New Game" button. After in intro I try...
  6. eddie

    Terratech storyline Brainstorming

    I'm sure many players of Terratech feels the same, That missions have something missing, something that give these mission meaning, something that make missions unique, something tells the story of our offworld prospector and the world around them. We've discussed the Legion and the end...
  7. Warning220

    TT unstable 1.0.24 Black fog

    In the campaign after the defence turret mission i put on the 1 pound cannon a black fog started appearing and it slowly started filling up the screen
  8. ZeroGravitas

    [] Tripple Hubl - repeated (Better Future) licence missions

    The first time I loaded my campaign save, next to a trade station, I clicked the mission banner, saw the new BF mission, then close the menu (to start recording), then when I re-opened it a second version appeared, then again for a 3rd. But no more. So, three Hudls and no dialogue. It worked OK...
  9. stickman_king_28


    (in case you havent seen it click HERE) *ali-a intro faintly plays* SKY ANCHORS!! CO OP CREATIVE! CAMPAIGN INVOLVEMENT! AAAAAAAAA
  10. M

    Better Future blocks in Campaign?

    Hello Users, the new update included the new Better Future parts. Is there any way to get them in campaign? (not counting trough invasions) I maxed every License and i wonder if i can get them
  11. Aardvark123

    More Introductory Missions for Control Schemes and Stuff

    Now that the game has been given a control scheme update, there needs to be a proper introduction in the campaign. Thus, I think there should be a series of missions similar to "Learn to Fly" which introduce the player to new control schemes and types of tech. The concept of switching control...
  12. X


    I would love to see a multiplayer feature in Terra Tech that involves me being able to play with my friends in the same way as the campaign mode, not only the deathmatch mode. Would you please consider making that?
  13. Epb7304

    A thought on multiplayer campaign

    I know that in the often suggested post it says that they will not do it, however there is an asterisk meaning that it could be reconsidered, all achievements right now that say campaign only should swap to saying "solo campaign only" and a few achievements that say "campaign only" still...
  14. Zorgomol

    [] Crash: GetThreadContext() failed

    I was just minding my mobile base when this popped up. Latest autosave + crash report + output log attached. Looking at the log, seems like it was trying to do the next autosave and something got borked.
  15. Epb7304

    A form of campaign multiplayer

    this is simply where two players are teamed up together in a sort of campaign where you CANNOT get achievements, missions are shared and maybe money, I know that in a pinned post it says that it will not be a thing but I thing we should give it a chance. Pleeeeeeeease devs add this in, I want to...
  16. MrTwister

    Campaign Techs Thread

    Not sure if we had this before, but here I am suggesting posting useful techs for campaign play that will make grind, missions, licensing and obtaining parts, easier quicker, better, more fun :). You can post anything that crawls, rolls, jumps, flies, explodes, crafts, mines, (...insert your...
  17. ZeroGravitas

    Speed running campaign? (Starting with this "1 Million ฿฿ speedrun")

    So, I'm not seeing anyone having attempted to speedrun TerraTech, as yet... (What have I missed?) I'm wondering if it might be viable to "max level" GSO in well under 8-9 hours? (Kinda the upper limit of what's viable to show off. Under 5 hours if I want to do it in one sitting.) Would that...
  18. J

    Customisable Campaign

    I'd like a way to make my playthrough a bit more customisable, sugestions: -Choose certain licenses for the whole game: this would make players unableable to craft/buy the blocks from the other factions, while still finding the faction techs and using the blocks you get by killing them...
  19. Zargn

    0.7.2 Duplication Glitch {extra free inventory blocks}

    I discovered this when building my new huge base. It gives you the ability to duplicate any block that you have in your inventory. Way to reproduce: ( THIS ONLY WORKS IN CAMPAIGN ) 1. Put down a anchor with a cab on top. 2. Build a line of any block as far as you can from the anchor (To the...
  20. ZeroGravitas

    Tech replacement loading in Campaign (like Creative, R&D)

    So, I wasn't a fan of the (over) simplicity of load tech with "Send to Inventory" functionality, when it was new. But given that we have it, and it smooths out game play, why not take it to it's logical conclusion?!;): In-situ loading that replaces your current tech. Like being a flipping...