1. B

    Unable to access the component fabric items

    Hello TerraTech-Friends, Please see the attached screenshot. The marked button are greyed out. How can I select them? The tooltip message for the buttons say that some expansions are required, but I don't know how or where to get them. Thanks for help, M and C
  2. A

    Ps4 button input?

    Anyone knows all input for the control for ps4? Aside from normal mechanics, i discovered that up and down arrows zooms the camera and R3 auto locks the camera when near an enemy. If you discovered another input, add it in comments. We could do a list for console players. *Sorry if this is...
  3. M

    drop all resources

    make a button which is next to the anchor tech button which drops all of the resouces that are currently being held on your tech. This would be really helpful. Thanks