1. Exund

    Advanced Building

    Advanced Building is a mod that gives you some additional in game information about blocks but also lets you edit the block position, rotation and scale. Scroll clicking on any block will reveal a small panel with information about the selected block. To enable block transformation and also...
  2. Dracarius

    A small building improvement that could make a big difference.

    When building, every time you place a block, the tech reloads the markers that indicate a buildable surface. Usually this isn't a problem, but when you get to huge-scale builds, it can take ages to place blocks as you have to wait for it to reload all of them. Perhaps a better way to handle...
  3. garr890354839

    Extra Building Blocks

    TL;DR: I want more building blocks. Better Future and Hawkeye sloped blocks are fine as-is but are missing a lot. For starters, the box design pieces are missing a 2-face blank block (two faces on opposite sides, like the RR Armored One block), a 3-face blank block (the blank faces form a U...
  4. G

    Building tools are a thing i feel this game desperately needs.

    After 1400+ hours of gameplay, it's a thought i keep coming back to. Core functionality Drag repeat - Horizontal, Vertical, Freehand, Mirrored in X/Y/Z, Radial. Copy/Paste of selected area, Repeat paste of selected parts as above. 'Stitching of parts and techs so that you can move a selection...
  5. Nerf Craft

    Enhanced Building Mechanics

    The building system in the game currently is very interesting but I find it becoming not only repetitive but also slow when making anything large. So I think there needs to be some additions and tweaks to the building system. First off, a way to build faster. If a click-and-drag system was...
  6. S_JP

    []Please be set the block from Tech inside

    I made a video for clarity. youtube ※It may be strange because it is google translation. What is fatal? As it is, it is very difficult to adjust the center of gravity and thrust. Players can not attract multiplay if there is no romance to make big Tech or use it It is annoying and difficult...
  7. Karel Slabý

    Rotating blocks

    Add sets of keybinds for rotating along the 3 axis, so we don't need to click 30 times until it randomly snaps into the right position. Thanks :D
  8. Twigjack

    Stop blocks from snapping to unrendered attach points

    If the little red dot isn't visible, don't snap there. I'm trying to build a wall right now and for some reason the shield bubble generators refuse to snap to the side closer to my tech 90% of the time.
  9. ZeroGravitas

    [Alt]+[Right click] should select from inventory the part currently pointed at.

    As in, select a block type on your tech or the ground, like an eyedropper tool in a paint program. I already suggested this in a comment to this suggestion thread, that was asking for a favourites tab. But this key binding would require no fiddly UI rework, and I'd expect fairly minimal coding...
  10. diamondnife

    Special Block Fabricator/Scrapper

    There could be a special block fabricator or scrapper so you can craft the special blocks once you get the fabricator, and a scrapper for the opposite reason. This could make it so special blocks could be used more in campaign mode to add a little bit of spice to the techs you see.
  11. L

    Comprehensive Terra-Tech Analysis

    Read the ENTIRE post before responding. Okay, So let me start off with saying- Yes this is a suggestion post, Yes I am about to dish out some much needed constructive criticism. If you have an issue with anything I say, I'd suggest keeping it to yourself as I will not be reading your flame...
  12. L

    Build challenger for bases!

    Give me some challenges to build, it must be farm bases, try to desribe it or something like that and i will try to make it in R&D, thanks