build mode

  1. Nerf Craft

    Enhanced Building Mechanics

    The building system in the game currently is very interesting but I find it becoming not only repetitive but also slow when making anything large. So I think there needs to be some additions and tweaks to the building system. First off, a way to build faster. If a click-and-drag system was...
  2. TheWaffle

    Give Weapons Firing Angles When Building

    This is a simple repost of a suggestion I made on steam: I propose when building that weapon aiming angles should have an indicator, including an indication of any of that arc that will be blocked by the vehicle its self. This would help with setting up all weapon platforms, but mainly static...


    YOP * No fun not having time to repair or improve Tech. * Combat stress is only fun with a correct Tech * No glory to destroy ennemies when they attempt to repair/build. * Most game end before having time to make any nice TECHs. * Huge potential creativity of TERRATECH is not useful in current...