1. BlueSquare

    [1.4.4][PC] Propeller audio bug

    Hey, My problem (and I believe that others are having this same problem too) is that when ANY propeller is being used, the audio bugs out and the only sound that can be heard is the BF Ion Drive sound and with Venture props, the audio is extremely raised in pitch. Thanks - BlueSquare
  2. С

    Bugs 1.14 (Not license version)

    (Я русский) Привет. Смотрю жучок, связанный с камнем. Когда я на нем немного проехал (наверное жил под ним) Он бросил меня в небо! Пожалуйста, исправьте ошибку! Я не хочу снова с ним встречаться. (Эта ошибка произошла 1 раз и случайно. Если вы понимаете русский язык, напишите, пожалуйста, на...
  3. Skihiley

    mods are broken

    I just launched terratech after steam/terratech updated, and now all the custom blocks and textures will not load, meaing i cant use pretty much all of my techs. Will someone help me please? IT gave me a notification saying "terratech mod manager has stiopped working".
  4. Luracasmus

    High Quality Tire Tracks doesn't work

    The Graphics Option High Quality Tire Tracks doesn't work and automatically disables on restart.
  5. Q

    Some essential suggestions (radar, manage tech option etc.)

    Hello! I just finished my campaign. I maxed all fractions, completed all uncommon "story" missions and earn more than 3 000 000 of BB. And I faced some problems and i found some things that seems to be just essential to the game. 1. I can't understand ho can I change navigation point in the...
  6. Robert Stolorz

    Stuck sucking in blocks still :( fix?

    So I'm still getting flipped over by blocks trying to get sucked up. There should be a small randomized timer for blocks being affected by the black beam. This way if they get stuck they can drop and try again quickly instead of doing this force pull thing on your creations constantly... Every...
  7. AstraTheDragon

    [] Co-Op Creative First Impressions (bugs, idiosyncrasies and design questions)

    After about an hour of testing Co-Op Creative, mostly with a friend there are a few things I've noticed which could be a bug, or perhaps oversights in design? Of course, I never wish to complain about something if it is a design choice, but I would like to know whether some things that seemed...
  8. ZeroGravitas

    [] Tech Loading menu bugs & issues (again, more)

    This kinda follows on from my report on this menu in, but a lot has been changed around, and theres a bunch of new issues, so I've started a new thread. Still true. This is a real problem, especially given it's interaction with the other issues, below. (2) The scroll bar position no...
  9. Cloud

    [] New update issues

    So! New update, new corporation, new blocks. I know it's in unstable, I'm pointing out problems anyways.
  10. Mindlessmrawesome

    [1.0] Explosive bolt tech self-destructing bug

    just open up this tech into your world and press x, you'll see the problem immediately.
  11. ZeroGravitas

    [][Feedback & Issues] New tech loading menu system

    First of all, just want to say I'm pretty hyped for these changes - it's the biggest thing since workshop support!:D Glad you guys have been giving this some love. Deleting snapshots! Renaming them without re-snapshotting! Workshop loading in campaign! Block Buck value stated! Woot!:) Also, I...
  12. ZeroGravitas

    [Poll] Next main developement priority should be...?

    So, I'm not asking what you are most hyped for. More pragmatically, what would make the most sense for the dev team to focus on next, from a business standpoint, and for the player base, overall. Perhaps imagining new player's experience of the game, as well as your own. I've deliberately kept...
  13. T

    [1.0-][Windows]Ground submerging using anchors

    Original thread on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/app/285920/discussions/1/ The snapshot of a tech:
  14. Legionite

    TAC Hover Classes

    TAC has been researching multi-Tech/bug/hoverbug stuff since its founding, so it knows a great deal on this messy stuff: Hover Assisted Flight is flight that is suspended by hover plates. Basically the method of building a Tech realistically. A good example of the normal kind that the Heavy...
  15. ZeroGravitas

    [] Explosive Bolts techs (feedback and bugs)

    I've been testing out how the new, community sources explosive bolt techs (from this thread) deploy in practice, in campaign. They are randomised, of course so been unable to test them all, but I've seen about a dozen, across a few missions. I've only been using my old, max level game save...
  16. Revolver265

    [0.8.2] Two bugs: R&D has shiny floor, Tread marks can fly.

    First: After leaving the R&D Chamber on overnight, I woke up to a normal R&D chamber. I played for a little while and then changed the gamma to match my darkened room. Suddenly things were bright. The techs and everything else (such as the blocks, Venture quest entrances, and monuments) were...
  17. Deutsche Würfel

    [0.8] Resources won't stay on silos.

    Every thime i load, stuff goes everywhere. And i tried moving my base. and the filters stop working sometimes. You have to pull them off, and stick them back on. Can't play until this is fixed. Also, i think this is what made my old save stutter. [Edit 2018-07-01 by @ZeroGravitas - merged 3...
  18. reaperx1

    0.8 A Couple Bugs That Are Troubling

    Over the last few days I have been building away in the campaign trying to make a new multi tech and upon trying to test it out before progressing I found what I would call a bug that I think is caused by the explosive bolt. Also there seems to be something up with how my smaller tech handles...
  19. Soviet_Samuelson

    Can the game not crash when i die in

    just a thought
  20. xSoNz

    [] I can't rotate the camera

    I have my campaign, and I've built a base. I switched to it and saved the game. Tomorrow, when i opened the game, I found my save completely normal, nothing unusual is happening. BUT I couldn't rotate the camera, neither spawn (load) a tech, so I can switch to it. I have a tech right next to my...