bugs or problemes

  1. C

    Almighty cube

    Cube and "Leader" dont spawn. How to fix it?
  2. J

    Game crashes when choosing multiplayer

    As the title says, as soon as i click on multiplayer and then accept the normal message that terratech doesnt have a profanity filter it just displays this crash report screen and as soon as i either upload it or skip it the game closes, i have no idea what causes this and it seems to be after...
  3. Lord_Chaos

    5 bugs, all recorded and replicatable

    in this video I made:
  4. I

    Craftier Buisness will not accept the resources

    When i am finishing Craftier Business, Crafty mike will not accept any resources. even the 6 rubber jelly and 7 plumbium ingots on my vehicle. I think this may be caused because the crafty mike Ai is stuck on the Check for loop and is not responding properly.
  5. Ryan CR

    Is This A glitch or Isn't It?

    I was Trying to play Creative Mode on TerraTech Update 7.4 I think DO I have To Buy The R&D DLC or Do I have A Glitch?