1. ZeroGravitas

    [] Engine noise goes totally silent (after fighting a bunch of techs)

    While testing out the level 5 GSO missions for the new explosive bolts techs (in campaign) I found that my tech had gone silent after the big battles slaughter. Eriely quiet when driving - the engine/drive ambient noise was broken. I got the same issue in R&D after slaying all the turrets...
  2. ZeroGravitas

    [][Bug] Oversized (invisible) collision box for R&D sign

    This is a really old issue (that I can't find another report on), but I thought that it might be relevant given that the chamber was just moved around for this unstable, with new signs around the explosive bolts demo tech. @kae
  3. ZeroGravitas

    [1.0] Solar generators deploy simultaneously

    Method 1: (a) Load TerraTech and start a new R&D or Creative mode game. (b) Any loaded tech now deploys solar panels instantly. Method 2: (a) In Campaign or Creative/R&D (if having started a second new game, so solar generators no longer deploy instantly). (b) Place down techs with solar...
  4. ExileFox

    [1.0] Crate spawned underground - also trading station in funny location

    This was discovered during the "Abandoned Tools" quest: save, if needed: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jyvszs8x9wubvya/good%20tech%20bad%20quest.sav?dl=0
  5. ZeroGravitas

    [1.0] Hovers on planes cause flight mission fail (triggered by hoops)

    I hit upon this while flying ksd_gk's "FS Tie" plane in R&D (save attached). You have to fly a plane's undercaridge close enough to a mission ring that it triggers the hover plates. Presumably this puts the tech in a grounded state, so thinks you've landed. Bit of a niche issue.
  6. IBallistic Cheese

    Silo Crafting Resource Bug {Refinery allocation alternation causes silo dither}

    Please don't get mixed up with my previous post on silos. This time the focus is on resource delivery not signal transition to the silos. So this problem is... when I try to craft a block (e.g. Compressed resource blocks) the fabricator will call for multiple resources. The first few blocks...
  7. K

    [1.0] World Glitched Out After Update

    An older file I had was missing a lot of terrain, this happened after the 1.0 update (file was pre-1.0) All of my files are like this
  8. T

    [0.8.2] Leaning anchors glitch

    i made a sentry put on a rotating ancor from Geo Corp and put a ai on it but after an hour playing or so this happens. it kinda angles. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/461543911769374730/477396922894909446/unknown.png
  9. ZeroGravitas

    [] Crafting AI stalls mid Fabrication (with bases borderline too 'big')

    By 'big' I mean in terms of conveyor length and total number of Component Factories/Refineries on that length. At a certain point (not that many/long) the Silos far upstream no longer receive control signals from Fabricators, at the opposite end. A limit to the complexity of crafting setups is...
  10. ZeroGravitas

    [] Instantaneous gun turning glitch (when enemy destroyed)

    It seems that the rotation value of turreted guns/canons will glitch when the enemy there are pointed at is destroyed, being instantly re-pointed at another tech, if one is within targeting range. I used the Venture Rapid Canons, here - they are easy to observe. But I think this happens with...
  11. ZeroGravitas

    [] New inventory block duplication glitch

    Edit: the exact conditions for this are: Hold [Shift] while controlling a tech on which a fan or booster can activate. Or... Hold [Space] with weapons that can fire... Then move cursor (with a block selected) off inventory UI element (or the mission banner, top right). So it's clearly...
  12. Nocallia

    [] Turning techs into enemies in R&D crashes the game.

    I was trying out the new music, so I decided maybe to turn a tech into an enemy in the R&D test chamber and the game crashed. I don't really have much more detail. -Baconus
  13. ZeroGravitas

    [0.8.2] Sergeant Smash MIA, mission borked (Black OP Pit Viper)

    And again, it seems. It sounds like a very similar glitch to the one @QuackDuck reported here, but I'm thinking it's related to a different mission and maybe a different cause...? It looks like the Sergeant's location marker gets spuriously placed back at the location he departed from, when...
  14. Galrex

    [0.8.2] Resource selling exploit

    "The resource chunk can be picked up repeatedly as it drops through the base of delivery cannon whilst it got taken into the cannon. Money is collected but the chunk is still here. More money can be received without any loss of resources whilst repeating the process." The silo in the video is...
  15. ZeroGravitas

    [0.8.2] Block attachment dither to Venture SCU (when active, unanchored)

    This is very niche glitchy behaviour that makes it annoying to attach blocks to the mobile SCU while it's on a mobile tech:
  16. Revolver265

    [0.8.2] Two bugs: R&D has shiny floor, Tread marks can fly.

    First: After leaving the R&D Chamber on overnight, I woke up to a normal R&D chamber. I played for a little while and then changed the gamma to match my darkened room. Suddenly things were bright. The techs and everything else (such as the blocks, Venture quest entrances, and monuments) were...
  17. H

    [0.8.2] Hawkeye Large Armour Plate Fabricating

    Encountered an issue when attempting to craft an Hawkeye Large Armour Plate. Selecting it from the Hawkeye fabricator with two GSO Component Factories attached to the conveyor results in both factories requiring the materials needed if available from my silos, The second factory used for making...
  18. ZeroGravitas

    [0.8.2] Filter outputs don't connect to adjacent crafting block inputs

    Filters will refuse to pass their contents out to the input of adjacent Anchored Delivery Canons, Anchored Refineries, Component Factories, Fabricators or Furnace Generators if the two blocks were connected while the tech was unanchored. Bonus - delivery canons that shut up shop with resources...
  19. ZeroGravitas

    [] Snapshots remain loadable after deletion (until game restart)

    It used to be that deleting the (master) snapshot ".png" from the game's "Snapshots" folder would cause it to immediately be hidden from the loading lists. But it doesn't update now until fully quitting and restarting the game. (In Creative, at least.) A nuisance for those of us managing a lot...
  20. ZeroGravitas

    [] Enemy spawning idiosyncracies

    Maybe some of these are undesired behaviours, I'm not sure. I can envision reasoning behind each, but maybe it's time to tweak some... This report stems from this thread by @Redlegdaddy, where he rightly identified that all spawn activity ceases if you stay still. Even if you kill all the...