1. ZeroGravitas

    [] Snapshots have transparent sky on all graphics settings

    E.g. this snap taken in Campaign with "3 Fantastic" graphics set: I think this used to be the case only for "fastest" (or lower end) settings? I've seen @QuackDuck and @Legionite with transparent skyes for a long time, that right? It means the sky will be rendered black on the workshop...
  2. Mindlessmrawesome

    [1.0] Explosive bolt tech self-destructing bug

    just open up this tech into your world and press x, you'll see the problem immediately.
  3. ZeroGravitas

    [1.0] Broken mp3 track in Steam OST

    The mp3 version of track 9 "Hawkeye Theme" on the Steam OST DLC download is a messed up cacophony of distorted noises. I've tried re-downloading it, no change. The .wav version is OK.
  4. ZeroGravitas

    [] Auto-snapshot filenames have ".png" twice

    All my death generated snapshots had duplicated file extensions:
  5. A Friendly Tech

    This game doesn't want me to craft.

    Somehow I had managed to not actually watch your TerraTech videos. Whichever video it was, I saw crafting, construction, and shooty shooty and ran off to Steam, frantically throwing money at Payload, then forgot to come back and finish watching the videos. That is rectified now and I learned a...
  6. ZenithEevee

    [] Blocks dissapearing from inventory after using "Swap Current Tech"

    So, Cant *Really* Just post screen shots, But its easily recreatable. Place a tech that has a block you only have 1 of (Say, Horizontal Gyroscope, Or for those that dont have R&D, Use a Geocorp battery) Select that tech THen, Using the new "Load Tech" Option at the bottom, Select a tech that...
  7. ZeroGravitas

    [] Enemy capture base multi-tech disintegrates on bolt deployment

    Testing the "Take Rebel Station" grade 5 mission for it's new base tech population (it's really cool to see our techs turning up here :)). However, the 4 arm sections of my "Umbrella" mutli-tech base (snapshot attached) all disintegrated when the bolts blew: Save attached for re-testing...
  8. ZeroGravitas

    [] Fan noise stays silent after interrupting sounds abate

    I think it was a performance 'optimisation' to reduce the number of simultaneous sound effects playing, making it sound fairly awful as loud mechanical noises are totally silenced by the hum of one distant engine, etc. But aside from that, I've been continually getting the issue that fan noises...
  9. ZeroGravitas

    [] Sudden decrease in draw distance at dawn (reproducable)

    Attached save is 10 seconds out from this glitch - it's dawn, solar panels have just deployed, then the draw distance suddenly jumps to be much less (before slowly expanding back out, as it should do in the morning): This glitch happened while I was filming for my latest episode. (I was...
  10. ZeroGravitas

    [] No distance haze/fog (graphical issue)

    I'd been assuming that the ugly sheer horizon cut-off was the same for everyone. Then I noticed in the dev streams that they always tend to have that lovely haze in the distance, particularly noticeable down green valleys and such. I've never been getting that at all... [Creative mode after a...
  11. TheSpaceMan

    [] Plasma flamethrower floating midair {EXP Hunter Railguns oversized collision box}

    The plasma flamethrower floating in midair. Nothing too special, but I managed to get the Flamethrower stuck inbetween two Hunter Railguns, kinda in a axis where it spins around without anything visibly touching it. Maybe a check on the save will reveal something. Some kind of bug, a problem...
  12. Whensgen

    Hotrod (Self-propelled 170MPH craft)

    Cheap, easy, fast. I present the Hotrod. Only functions on flat ground. The terraphobe hover interacts with the ground. For lower speeds, shorten the center 5 block, or use flatter wheels.
  13. ZeroGravitas

    [] Shotgun knock-back on allied techs

    I noticed this in campaign, when one of the new splitting enemy techs started knocking another of it's fragments around. Shotguns push player-allied and enemy-allied techs around (despite not damaging them, of course). I don't know about neutral techs. Possibly another factor to consider if...
  14. ZeroGravitas

    [] Neutral (mission) techs activate contact weapons (e.g. drills)

    You can more easily (re)test this on the GeoCorp charging pole in R&D.
  15. ZeroGravitas

    [] Cloned Smash mission (Black Op Blind Archers)

    Somehow the same mission turned up twice, in the same place. Not tech duplication, acquired both from the same trade station. Context: I'd loaded and re-loaded a bunch of saves. Then I was hunting around in my old end-game world, doing a few of the newer Hawkeye missions (that weren't there...
  16. Potato

    [1.0.0] Resource Pits "Pop-up" when in a certain distance

    Notice the red circle: At a certain distance, Resource Pits will have a default "filled" mesh then instantly pop-up when you get close. I tested this on Maximum graphic settings and this bug was gone. I remember that this didn't happen before on "Fastest" settings, so I posted it here.
  17. ZeroGravitas

    [] Auto-mined resource explosion on return

    It seems that, at the range of ~500m, techs (specifically Auto-miners, here) can remain loaded in world and functional, e.g. spawning newly mined chunks. However, the resource chunks themselves are almost immediately unloaded from the world (or something occurs with that effect). The problem...
  18. C

    [Solved] [1.0] Dead blocks that can't be picked up, even after loading a save

    In Campaign mode, there is a "Hawkeye Medium Fort Armour" on the ground between this SCU and two GSO Block Magnets (on the Tech). There was another heavy block which wasn't picked up at first, but after saving and reloading, it was picked up. This Fort Armour has stayed on the ground across two...
  19. ZeroGravitas

    [] Anchored suspended (stems not deployed, locked in position)

    I've seen this a couple of times now (but no video, sorry). Once in R&D, with the new explosive bolts turret tech, and tonight with my own crafting tech, pictured: The tech is locked in place, as if anchored. But no anchor stems are shown extended. In this instance the build beam was also...