1. J

    TerraTech Suggestions

    Dear TerraTech Team. I Would Greatly Appreciate If You Would Give This List A Look Over And Response, It Is Perfectly Okay If These Dont Get Implemented, I Just Wanted To Give My Ideas BLOCKS: WEAPONS BLOCKS GeoCorp - Nail Gun - Shoots nails that get stuck in the tech GeoCorp - Crane - used...
  2. Warning220

    I have a problem please help

    So im not a new player but i do need help for the past few updates terra tech when launched will open and the be stuck on a black screene with the terra tech cursor. Anyone know how to fix this please help.
  3. reaperx1

    Block Removal Bug

    I have seen this bug for a long time now and it is probably been reported a hundred times, but here is another reminder. The bug is one that seems to happen to random blocks when building large techs and when you try to remove the lucky block that gets the bug the game crashes as seen in the...
  4. Mindlessmrawesome

    [1.0.2] says it spins but really doesn't

    see how it says Spins (Shift) yeah you kinda made it so they don't really do that anymore, whenever you press shift you lift your lift up but it will never come back down. Same thing with ctrl. Maybe make it so that controls like those that are normally for on/off controls (shift and ctrl)...
  5. Potato

    [1.0.2] GSO Cab Wheel misaligned

    I saw a comment from the Terratech's Update post saying that GSO's back left wheel's misaligned. I checked if it was true and well... It is. So uh, pls fix lol
  6. Revolver265

    [1.02] Cannot block paint on certain blocks.

    [1.02][Windows 10] - Block Painting in R&D buggy when taking controls of a previously enemy tech. (Due to rarity of occurance, I highly doubt this should be a high-priority bug) I let the game sit for a few hours when I fell asleep, and when I went into R&D, the game started producing minor...
  7. Robert Stolorz

    Ubuntu 16.04 Keyboard glitching like crazy with repeating.

    So the keyboard input is all messed up. Each keystroke is repeated twice. This means that during gameplay the buffer will go crazy and after maybe a few minutes of driving if you stop your creation will keep driving on it's own. This makes the game pretty much unplayable. Specs: Ubuntu 16.04...
  8. Kevin Vanderhoef

    [] [Steam][windows 10] Crafty business II Softlock

    platform: Steam/Windows 10 PC Version: At this point the game is locked. since I have been getting a software lock Lockout after opening the Fabricator Menu on the Crafty Business II mission. This locks out all controls except for mouse Movement, clicking does not work. so...
  9. peterb39

    TerraTech Jumpy Techs Bug

  10. Potato

    [] Current update causes Performance Drops

    Title says it all. Compared to 1.0.1 and, the Unstable update reduced the game's performance, lowering FPS overall. Thanks. Addendum: The performance suddenly went back to normal after I restarted the game.
  11. Potato

    [] Build beam does not adjust for Tech size

    Hey y'all, so this bug came up while I was building a Tech. When I use the Build Beam, it won't adjust for the size of the Tech that I'm using, stopping the Tech from floating above ground, which is strange because when I tried to recreate the bug, it won't show up. The Tech below doesn't...
  12. DrShadox

    [] GSO Pacemaker button swap {Turbo <-> Slow}

    Hi -When we release the clic on "turbo" speed , it go slow. -When we release the clic on "slow" speed , it go fast. (Normal speed is still normal.)
  13. ZeroGravitas

    [] Invisible R&D Target

    Sorry, I don't really know what happened here... I think I'd maybe destroyed the first little target, then tabbed out, etc. Coming back in, noticed there was an enemy marker with no blocks. Looking closer there were attach points on the floor. Save appears to reload like this (attached). I was...
  14. ZeroGravitas

    [] Small planes jitter (when rolling)

    Both of these tiny planes (attached) jitter visibly when rolling. Did the fidelity of the aeronautics physics simulation get turned down? As an optimisation? This part of the changes that may have brought the weird flying behaviours? [1 , 2]
  15. ZeroGravitas

    [1.0.1] Wrong ground texture in R&D (reloadable)

    Saw this in R&D, around dusk, I think - transitory, but reloads the same from attached save. Seems like the sandy texture from the slanted monument leaks out. Maybe related to the recent graphics changes and these other bugs, unknown.
  16. Mindlessmrawesome

    Misspelled description

    The Hawkeye Six block's description says: "This handy six pack block helps build larger tech in shorter time." Come on, devs, have a bit of grammar. It should be something like: "This handy six pack block helps to build larger techs in shorter amounts of time."
  17. ZeroGravitas

    [1.0.1] Rotating anchor wild physics glitch and inconsitency

    When you remove an anchor to go from 2 to just one rotating anchor, that anchor is very prone to go utterly bananas if there's an extremal force acting on the tech. I've only tested this with that force being applied by suspended resource chunks pressing on the same tech when they'd like to be...
  18. Mindlessmrawesome

    [1.0.1] can't zoom inside of my techs anymore

    I can't zoom inside of my big techs anymore unless I'm in the build beam, which is extremely laggy. Could you please fix this? I like being able to have the fps of being anchored and being able to see inside my creations.
  19. ZeroGravitas

    [] Little graphical anomolies (ghosting, halos, shimmer)

    I've grouped these together into one thread because they are all minor graphics issues that seem to have cropped up at the same time, with the recent tweaks to graphics settings, presumably. (1) There's visible image ghosting in dusk lighting conditions, when moving camera around (save...
  20. ZeroGravitas

    [] Depth of Field graphics setting has to be unticked and applied twice

    Game seems to ignore you the first time you untick it and click apply. Same every time (from a new game user account maybe).