1. ZeroGravitas

    [] Bug - Camera flies in from wrong direction on distant tech switching (sometimes).

    So, I'd played with transfer towers a lot in previous patches and have never seen this issue before. Had this happen twice in ~5 minutes poking about in my old campaign save. Watch carefully...: In 4x slow-mo at the end, too, for clarity; point of view sweeps in from *behind* the last tower I...
  2. ZeroGravitas

    [] Bug - Auto-miners had stopped for no reason {on return or world reload}.

    Opening up my old campaign save, I found that the auto-miners at my two separate test mining bases were no longer running. But the resource seams (Erudite, and Carbite - shown in video) had not depleted; picking up and replacing the auto-miners on the exact same spots started them up again...
  3. ZeroGravitas

    [] Bug - Scrappers continue functioning when de-anchored.

    Create a tech with a cab, scrapper (any corp) and storage space attached to it's output (e.g. a silo). Feed the scrapper a couple of blocks. Click to de-anchor the tech. Scrapper continues to hold the blocks and munch through them, outputting chunks and/or components. This looks particularly...
  4. Legionite

    [] New Wheels have a visual issue

    I don't know if this is known, but the suspension on the "Behemoth" wheel seems to be too short, or the piston isn't long enough. Just a visual issue, but just pointing it out.
  5. nikitaign Techs don't anchor

    Hey, when i had a small tech and didnt have wireless chargers, i had to replace a battery from a tech to my base, so i can charge. But then i found out that you are able to anchor techs. But i placed some solar generators and on the bottom of my tech i placed an anchor block. Clicked the Anchor...
  6. nikitaign

    [] A VERY serious bug! {Fell through floor and teleported long distance.}

    Hey guys, I was playing and i drove away maybe 700 ingame "meters" and i started a HawkEye mission where you have to kill bullies to save a friendly tech. So when i completed it, got my prize, drove away and the friendly little tech got stuck, and went to a build mode a bunch of times. I clicked...
  7. W

    [0.7.7] Pipe Slalom Impossible to Complete {ends inside terrain}

    Can't complete, can't even cancel the mission.
  8. ZeroGravitas

    [] Bug - Blocks with destruction debris the wrong corporation colours (list).

    PLaying about in R&D, I noticed that exploding GSO tank tracks threw yellow 'confetti'. Testing the other blocks on plinths, there, a surprising number also had the wrong corporation block debris. Obviously not a game breaking problem, but it's such low hanging fruit, I hope it's worth 10...
  9. Legionite

    [] No Zoom Limit

    See the picture for more details: The minimum zoom distance for Tech viewing is almost completely unrestricted, only stopping at the smallest viewing range, allowing the camera to clip through blocks on bigger Techs. It used to stop depending on the Tech's size, but now it doesn't... This new...
  10. nikitaign

    [0.7.7] No rewards after Venture "Speed Missions"

    Hello, I like to complete venture missions, but when Im already at the finish in time, I dont get a delivery crate. This is not always happening, but very often. 1st i have to cancel the mission, better go to another delivery station and start the mission again. This Has To Be Fixed!
  11. nikitaign

    [0.7.7] Access Suzi Vroom's Venture Payload Terminal

    Hey. I dont think this is a bug, but if you dont have any Venture P. Terminal and you have Suzi Vroom's 1st or "Learn to Fly" mission, then go to Suzi, and click the payload terminal. It is in the middle of her. Now you have access to Venture Shop. Can't upload a screenshot for some reason
  12. ZeroGravitas

    [] Aspects wrongly aligned to tech's original orientation, rather than Cab's (a list).

    When a tech's primary (controlling) cab is re-oriented to a different plane to that of the tech's initial build orientation, a number of issues currently become apparent: (1) Speedometer is wrong - specifically when a tech is grounded (on wheels/hovers), it measures only the component of...
  13. ZeroGravitas

    [] Control a Cab-less, Anchor-less tech easily with Undo trick

    Pop the sole cab off an unanchored tech, so it disintegrates. Move the cab block once (so it makes the taking control click). Click Undo. You should now be controlling the re-assembled tech without a cab. Cab can then be sent to inventory, or whatever (as it's no longer your focus). You can...
  14. GamerParrish

    [] - Dosile enemies

    Some enemies wont attack you, at all, like shoot them to your hearts content. I find it really overpowered and I can easily destroy some larger techs with this HOW TO RECREATE 1. Get into a world 2. Find an enemy (Don't fight it) 3. Move away from its activation range (Third Line On Radar...
  15. GamerParrish

    [] - Race Enemy Killing Glitch

    I encounter lots of enemies that I know for a fact I can't beat. And so what I do is I have 5 venture missions for races at all times. And what I do is I go into it. Then I'm able to kill the tech. Though I think this is more of an exploit than a bug HOW TO RECREATE 1. Get into a campaign...
  16. GamerParrish

    [] - SCU Still Broken {occasional deployment visual glitch}

    The SCU texture is still glitched HOW TO RECREATE 1. Again, just spam and get lucky. Theres no order of how to do it 2. Presto!