1. ZeroGravitas

    [] Guns target middle of techs, not their cabs {when it's closer - not a bug}

    This seems true for friendly/enemy AI and player controlled techs, while shooting at anchored and mobile techs: Guns target a block close to the centre of an enemy they are shooting, rather than the cab. e.g. try to shoot this nicely exposed cab on the side of this mobile(ish) tech in R&D...
  2. Legionite

    [] Offset massed anchors really slow and weak {Turrets turn too slow}

    1 Place down an anchor 2 Place a bunch of heavy blocks to set the center of mass away from the anchor 3 Super slow and totally useless anchor! RIP all old bases with doors, offset turrets, and the overall usefulness of what certain turrets used to have before. Basically no more advanced base...
  3. Legionite

    [](Sound Bug)- HK Wheels make no noise on fully HK builds when pressing A or D

    Press A or D on a Hawkeye build. No motor noise at all...
  4. ZeroGravitas

    [] Blocks forget to fall (GSO regen bubbles balanced on Venture wings)

    Having a play, trying to make some novel filler ramps, I found this weird behaviour: The first time this happened the regen bubble had actually come to rest on the edge of a single Venture Middle Wing (that it had rolled the length of). Graphics set to "Fastest". Save attached. Edit: can...
  5. ZeroGravitas

    [] Scrappers drop and regurgitate stacked/scrapped blocks on reload

    (1) When reloading from a save game (R&D, here), some of the items held in a scrapper's input are dropped for no reason. (I.e. Not possible to attribute it to big, unstable stacks.) Pacemaker set to whatever. (2) When a tech's Pacemaker is set to pause, you can see that items already consumed...
  6. DerDragonhunter

    -[] Doubeling Blocks [already known Glitch]-

    Hi Guys. Heres a Bug or Glitch also happens since some Versions earlier (0.7.6+0.7.7 i think) if you zoom out as much as u can, and put on the button of you window a block, it can happens you doubleing the block. The fist block is removed from your inventory, the second is the one you should...
  7. ZeroGravitas

    [] Multi-tech disintegrated violently on game reload when anchored on a world tile seam

    Video shows deployment of @Legionite's multi-tech GBC module, then it's glitched out reloading at ~1m10s. Same setup, in same world then re-loaded fine when I moved it 20 meters away from the 192 East tile seam. Save files attached. Maybe this relates to changes @Django made to fix silos...
  8. G

    Auto miners spawning massive amounts of recources

    When I build an auto miner, (with receivers near them) and leave the area around them and unload them when I come back, there are hundreds of recourse chunks (depending on the time I was away).
  9. ZeroGravitas

    [] Refineries get overwhelmed by consecutive resources

    This is one of most frequently encounter bugs, with a mention in the "Known Major Issues" section of the patch notes for many months. From the patch notes on Steam: Refineries attached to the side of a continuous stretch of conveyor will only take 5 chunks consecutively, before pausing...
  10. ZeroGravitas

    [] Silo contents flip (on reload & unpause Pacemaker, sometimes)

    All of these full silos flipped the order of their stacked resources upon un-pausing the Pacemaker, after reloading the R&D save (attached), as shown: Not sure if related to other (recent) issues: position of stored resources glitching out, receivers taking from other receivers.
  11. ZeroGravitas

    [] Alt + Left click selects multiple inventory items

    I actually stumbled on this while trying to frantically build in multiplayer (during the stream) which is running on old code. But I just checked in (Creative) and you can still do this. Hold [Alt] key and Left click to highlight additional items (red outline): It doesn't seem to...
  12. Bgrmystr2

    [0.7.8] Terrain biome loading / replacement errors

    I made a brand new save fresh off the 0.7.8 patch, played for a few hours, saved, went to sleep, played it earlier today and all was normal. After re-joining the game just now, I've found some major errors in the biome loading. The salt flat was not there originally, nor was the mountain...
  13. ZeroGravitas

    [0.7.8] Pacemaker setting not remembered

    Pacemaker's pause/slow/turbo settings are not stored in snapshots, as Filter Conveyor's selections are. (Fabricator and Component Factories selected repeat build orders should be retained too, I think.) A tech's Pacemaker setting is also reset when de-anchoring (a nuisance for mobile...
  14. nikitaign Game freezes, but the sound is on. Alt+Tab bug

    So I came home and started TT. Then after 5 minutes the game froze. I restarted it, but it froze again. But the sound of shooting, music and everything else is playing.And when I alt+tab out of the game, a thing appears on top left of my screen. Here's the screen: And after this I don't wanna...
  15. ZeroGravitas

    [] Trading station with build beam stuck on... (minor curiosity)

    So, I went cruising around a new Creative world at 300 to 350mph, in the "Super Speed" tech that @GKJ uploaded here, and came across this weird situation: Save and log attached. Appears to actually re-load with beam still on...
  16. ZeroGravitas

    [] Creative death re-spawn causes intersecting techs (+ related issues)

    As shown in video, the re-spawn system unique to Creative mode can cause problems if you've left a tech at the (0,0) world origin, when your tech is destroyed and re-spawned there, complete. I killed myself there, but in Creative with enemies enabled this is more likely to crop up. Also, if the...