1. ZeroGravitas

    [0.7.9] Anchors deploy through blocks attached beneath

    Like so: Creative save attached, just in case. I'm not sure if this is considered as the same bug as reported here by @Nightblade Greyswandir...?
  2. ZeroGravitas

    [0.7.9] Dirt wheel wouldn't stop spinning uncontrollably

    I got one bugged GSO Dirt wheel that would not stop driving forwards whenever it was attached to my tech, regardless of what control input I gave it. Output log attached. Sorry, brain wasn't in gear to make a save at the time, but I'm dooubtful it would have carried over - I'm imagining it...
  3. ZeroGravitas

    [0.7.9] Repeated crashes seemingly resolved by full re-install

    So, I've been posting up ongoing crashes, while tabbed out, to this thread here. Wondering if the seemingly random instability is a game thing (probably), or a my computer thing (less likely, as not generally unstable, but I do have the RAM at a fairly high overclock). But yesterday, I was...
  4. Zargn

    0.7.2 Duplication Glitch {extra free inventory blocks}

    I discovered this when building my new huge base. It gives you the ability to duplicate any block that you have in your inventory. Way to reproduce: ( THIS ONLY WORKS IN CAMPAIGN ) 1. Put down a anchor with a cab on top. 2. Build a line of any block as far as you can from the anchor (To the...
  5. ZeroGravitas

    [0.7.9] Fabricators call resources they can't accept after unanchoring

    A systematic bug, as the title says. Like the scrappers continuing to run after unanchoring. Presumably an oversight of the consequences of adding dynamic anchoring, a while back. I'll come back and add a demonstration if necessary. (Just made a quick thread to remind myself.)
  6. Legionite

    [0.7.9] No wheel collision on VEN AI

    Place down a Venture AI There it is, in broad daylight! AI can't move, nor do any of it's wheels actually interact with the ground Oh, and also, pressing W and A with the HK Cab causes it to strafe.
  7. ZeroGravitas

    [] Fans & propellers run silent on anchored techs

    I gather there's been changes to sound FX, maybe optimisations, even. All fans and propellers currently make no sound while running, when their tech is anchored. Even if they are helping turn a rotating anchor, etc. Rocket boosters seem unaffected, by comparison.
  8. xSoNz

    [] Bugged save, probably...

    So, I know that when u experience a bug in your save, and then after a while another one, it's probably a bugged save.. So, first of all, I've experienced a bug where terrain of my world is glitched. It fixed after a reload. Then, when I finished all missions, (I was at the end of the game), I...
  9. ZeroGravitas

    [] R&D enemy turrets apparently set to Idle

    Only the first 3 enemy turrets in R&D will turn to face and shoot. Appears like the rest are in "Idle" mode, from the way they jiggle. The forth one is just over 600 meters from origin, so I wonder if this is related to the way they were loaded in; world load = OK, tile load = AI mis-set...
  10. FightBiscuit

    [0.7.8] Short freezes every 2 seconds {with broken enemy spawning in Creative}

    When testing my Tech from last CC in Sandbox mode everything was fine at first. As soon as I enabled enemy Techs, I had short Freezes every 2 Seconds and no enemies spawned in even after waiting a few minutes. Here's the Tech: It happens btw also in the current unstable ( I think...
  11. ZeroGravitas

    [] Crash - anchored tech intersection (via rotational leverage or solar panels)

    So, this was a fairly inevitable consequence of allowing rotating anchored techs to collide with other anchored techs (I just didn't get around to breaking it in Crash dump attached - you know what it will say from other, similar reports. Yes, I caused this deliberately. But I...
  12. JimmyBlether

    [] R&D MEGABUG {dispensers and anchored techs vanish}

    OK, I was just building a new SFS tech and after blowing up the turrets I pressed the return to checkpoint button and this happened: (pic not working, all my anchored techs and the dispensers had vanished, but the blocks still were there and the dispenser effect still was there, but my techs...
  13. T

    [0.7.8] Radar arrow points in the wrong direction

    When i use this tech the arrow in the middle of the radar points 180 degrees away from the direction i'm facing. I have 2 Hawkeye cabs in the front of my tech facing forewards. This happens only when i use this tech and it does this in the r&d chamber too.
  14. Bgrmystr2

    [] Turning while reversing is broken

    If you reverse while turning (using normal reversing, not inverted), techs either do not turn whatsoever, or turn extremely slowly. Not all wheels are turning and rotating in the correct manner to facilitate how techs used to turn properly. Honestly, I'm more surprised noone seems to have...
  15. Legionite

    []Rotating Anchors can be pushed and bent by Fixed Anchors!

    Imagine all of the glitchy possibilities!
  16. ZeroGravitas

    [] Guns target middle of techs, not their cabs {when it's closer - not a bug}

    This seems true for friendly/enemy AI and player controlled techs, while shooting at anchored and mobile techs: Guns target a block close to the centre of an enemy they are shooting, rather than the cab. e.g. try to shoot this nicely exposed cab on the side of this mobile(ish) tech in R&D...
  17. Legionite

    [] Offset massed anchors really slow and weak {Turrets turn too slow}

    1 Place down an anchor 2 Place a bunch of heavy blocks to set the center of mass away from the anchor 3 Super slow and totally useless anchor! RIP all old bases with doors, offset turrets, and the overall usefulness of what certain turrets used to have before. Basically no more advanced base...
  18. Legionite

    [](Sound Bug)- HK Wheels make no noise on fully HK builds when pressing A or D

    Press A or D on a Hawkeye build. No motor noise at all...